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Gracieux Beauty Launches New Vegan Skincare Range: Mainstream Veganism Is Here to Stay!

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Gracieux Beauty put a firm stake in the vegan-arena with the launch of their vegan skincare line. Their range of vegan skincare products can suit your needs.

BRADENTON, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, December 5, 2018 / -- People across the globe came together to celebrate World Vegan Month during November. The Team at Gracieux beauty also put a firm stake in the vegan-arena with the launch of their vegan skincare products. Their range of fresh vegan skincare products can suit all skin types and tones.

As people around the world unite to support cruelty-free, natural products, the reported number of vegans is skyrocketing. However, the main driving factor behind the shift is not, as many people are led to believe, due to animal rights; instead, environmental concerns, as well as the health benefits of a plant-based diet are being cited as key motivators.

The Inspiration Behind Our New Vegan Skincare Range

After longer than we care to admit, our new Vegan Skincare range has finally arrived! We are so proud of all of the efforts made by our team and everyone else who has helped us bring our vision to life!

Vegan Beauty Products aren’t just for Vegans!

So many of our clients want to use natural, organic products on their skin that are free from harmful chemicals, enriched with antioxidants and brimming with nature’s finest ingredients. With the introduction of our vegan skincare products, we directly cater to their needs, along with those of the growing vegan community and a wider audience of people who want to do what’s best for their bodies AND the environment!

At Gracieux, we care about the environment, we care about our customer’s skin health, we care about animals, and we care about the same things that matter to our clients.

What Are The Benefits of Switching to Vegan Skincare?

Whether you are considering switching to vegan or not; there is a range of benefits you will get from changing out your everyday skincare products to vegan versions.

1. Plant-based products are good for the inside and outside of your body

There are so many convenience foods and skin care products that aren’t plant-based. It takes more time to eat a plant-based diet (and it’s more work!). So, if you do all of that work for the inside of your body, make sure the outside of your body (your skin) gets the same treatment too! For manufacturers, it is a much higher bar to find quality plant-based ingredients. But, as people all around the world are now starting to appreciate, going plant-based is so much better for your body.

2. Products That Are Not Tested On Animals

There are lots of ways to test the effectiveness of skincare products. When you choose a vegan skincare product, you help do your bit in the quest to stop people from testing their products on animals.

3. Help To Remove Wasteful Products That End Up In Landfill Sites

All Gracieux Beauty vegan skincare products are made with packaging that has come from recyclable materials. Vegan skincare brands ensure that they do not expel wasteful materials into the environment, and now, you can too.

4. Safer And Kinder To Your Skin

Vegan skincare products are made with more plant based ingredients, and the ingredients are considered by many to be much safer and far kinder to the skin. Being free-from harmful chemicals and non-toxic also means that for those with sensitive skin, vegan skin care products can be less irritating on the skin.

5. No Animal By-Products

There are lots of skincare products that include animal by-products as standard. In the past, people didn’t really consider the individual ingredients that made up their products. However, with people starting to care more about what’s included in the things they use, a vegan beauty regime ensures that ingredients such as dead insects, uric acid from cows, beeswax, and lanolin from sheep's wool are never included.

6. Free-From Harmful Chemicals

Because there are no animals used in vegan skincare products, all of the harmful chemicals given to farm animals aren’t making contact with your skin. For example, Lanolin is a very common ingredient in beauty products and one which can hold onto the pesticides that are picked up when the sheep's wool is dipped into it in order to avoid various types of vermin. The skin always absorbs the ingredients from beauty products and therefore, using vegan skincare will ensure that you are not placing any harmful chemicals onto the skin.

Whether it is a serum, moisturizer, toner or any other element of your skincare routine that you’re looking for, there are now vegan options available with Gracieux Beauty’s new range of vegan skincare products. There is no longer a need to use products that could be harmful to the environment, harmful to animals, and above all else, harmful to your skin.

About Us: Gracieux Beauty is a Florida-based skin care company that provides premium skincare products to clients across the country. Their products are made using nature's finest ingredients, and their line of vegan skincare products are set to take their skincare offering to a new level, giving clients an easy choice when it comes to using products that are great for their skin and good for the environment.

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