Medicare on Video demystifies home care coverage and long term care with True Freedom premier plans.

Long-term home healthcare is the preferred option for many seniors. True Freedom is all about you and those comforts you want most.

With a field issue contract, no underwriting, no forms, no deductibles, no copays and no age limits or previous hospitalization, additional coverage for seniors has never been this convenient.”
— Keith Armbrecht (Founder Medicare On Video)

TREASURE ISLAND, FL, UNITED STATES, December 17, 2018 / -- No one knows how to break the ice and get people talking about an uncomfortable topic such as senior care at home than Keith Ambrecht. No one really wants to think about the dynamics of senior care at home such as professional nursing, personal care and health care aide for when they might become homebound. Just the same, old age is coming and it’s a blessing to those who have a well thought out plan and doom for those who have none. For those in the planning phase, Medicare on Video will prove to be the holy grail of adequate, candid and digestible information and news on Medicare available online.

True Freedom is comprehensive new senior home care membership program from the American Senior Services Inc. which is a whole new way of looking at home care services and a better option compared to traditional home care service providers. True Freedom offers members full benefits with no underwriting whatsoever, no age limits and no questions asked. While this is not an insurance policy to take out it actually goes along well with long term care insurance providing additional cushion.

“On my journeys I have met people and I have been introduced to services, and there are some services out there that have not gotten the attention they deserve. Specifically, I would like to bring your attention to a product called True Freedom…. I have first-hand knowledge of this product. ASSI have been in business since two thousand and eight and they are a viable alternative to traditional homecare services,” says Dr. Marion Somers a renowned Elder Care Expert.
Traditionally, obtaining additional cover for the elderly persons has been the spelling of a nightmare for primary caregivers while that doesn’t seem to stop the doctor from prescribing even more specialized care and treatment. Senior care at home has been obscenely expensive and with fewer benefits than its alternatives. Inflation has not helped with the value of benefits dwindling as living expenses skyrocket. Age limits and restrictions such as impossible to meet qualification requirements have all made such contracts null and void.

As for Medicare, it only covers most of the basics and part of specialized health care needs prescribed to most seniors and exactly none of the ones that we all eventually need. Meals, personal care and homemaker service are all the things that we need happening in our homes to lead happier lives at a ripe old age. These “gaps” in Medicare coverage are best filled with supplementary coverage as that which a True Freedom membership provides. No one wants to imagine themselves not being in a position to toilet, clothe and wash themselves but it is a harsh reality we have to brace for. Being ready means not being a burden or bother to those we love and having an easier time adjusting.

Looking at the current requirements for qualifications for Medicare basic home care it is pretty obvious that it is neither easy to obtain, nor comprehensive cover. Given all the restrictions and how much your getting enrolled depends on being completely incapacitated, it is hard to visualize how basic insurance can contribute to happiness and fulfilment at old age. Not to mention the tons of paperwork that is involved in getting Medicare to pay for benefits seniors enjoy.

The official Medicare website issues a note to its readers that the doctors may prescribe some additional care that is not covered and that this might have to be out of pocket. They clearly forget to mention the personal care bit which might not be prescribed by a doctor but one that seniors cannot live happily without.

Home health care coverage and long term elder care is something we all need to think about. Eventually, most of us will need some extra coverage that may not be included in basic traditional coverage. People already in their sixties and seventies or coming of that age need a suitable guide to navigate the various hoops of Medicare and for most people, nothing works better than a visual aid. Medicare no video has been an invaluable resource for most seniors providing the most recent information for better choices on Medicare supplementary coverage.

Among the key benefits of choosing True Freedom is that users get to save money on premium coverage and also in the way of discount rewards. That’s five percent off for annual payments alone and ten percent if you pay as a couple. Couples paying annually will get a staggering fifteen percent discount on their premium which is pretty generous a reward. Additionally, members get a 10% discount on premiums for every successive year that they do not use their cover for up to four years and a total discount of 40%.

True Freedom subscribers will now enjoy freedom from inflation since the hours purchased can be utilized years down the line and they will still be worth one hour as time is constant. There are platinum, gold, silver and bronze plans ranging between 1500 hours and 10000 hours. So what happens when you run through your entire first 1000 hours of a platinum plan? Well, there is a 90 day window in between then your hours rejuvenate and suddenly you have yet another 1000 hours of service and care to enjoy.

Just thinking about the obstacles to health and happiness that lie ahead due to old age can be nerve wrecking. That goes a long way to explain why most adults do not have supplementary coverage for elder care even though statically three out of every four adults will need home care due to illness or incapacitation related to old age. At this point, it is possible to feel rejected as no insurer wants to underwrite and relying on family members is being a burden to society. And while senior care can run obscenely expensive, True Freedom provides one of the best alternatives to traditional health insurance and supplementary coverage available on the market today.

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