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Dracula Rising: The official launch of KRG comics

Karl Vincent: Vampire Hunter begins it's official run with

LARGO, FL, 413, December 4, 2018 / -- KRG Comics announces their official launch with two titles: The flagship title Karl Vincent Vampire Hunter and it's first mini-series Dracula Rising also Adolescent Radioactive Samurai Platypi.

Karl Vincent: Vampire Hunter:

Series creator Kevin Given sites inspiration from an old Don Knotts movie "The Ghost and Mr. Chicken" for his Karl Vincent character. The thought came to him one night "What if Don Knotts were a vampire hunter?" He sites other influences from "Lost Boys" and the original "Fright Night."

Karl is a bumbling oaf of a vampire hunter who wets his pants every time he sees a vampire. He used to be a respected detective until he discovered the reality of Nosferatu. His oldest son won't even talk to him anymore after Karl announced to his class that he was going to quit his job to hunt vampires. His wife, Barbara wants a divorce and his whole world is crumbling around him as he becomes an alcoholic. Karl is desperately trying to convince every one of the vampires existence and reconnect with his wife and family.

Adolescent Radioactive Samurai Platypi is a parody title which features five spacetronauts from the planet Spong. The Spongers are a symbiote race that must be absorbed into other beings in order to survive. An anomaly is threatening to destroy their homeworld so the planet leaders send them into space in an attempt to collapse the anomaly. They succeed but wind up passing through the anomaly and crash land on earth. they have to ditch their host bodies and wind up being absorbed into the Duck Bill Platypus. They are discovered by another sponger, Zahn, who absorbed into a Panda. Zahn mentors them in the way of the Samurai and earth culture.

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