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Contessa Gallery: Displaced Malibu Based Artist Brendan Murphy’s Works Featured at Art Miami 2018

Brendan Murphy "No Expectations" 2018, Oil Acrylic and Gouache on Canvas, 60 x 72 inches

Mr. Brainwash "Marilyn Monroe" 2018, Broken Vinyl Records on Canvas, 84 x 84 inches

Cayla Birk. "Periodic Table of Relevance Series: FEMALE FUTURE" 2018, Acrylic, 3D Silicone Paint and Spray Paint on Canvas, 36 x 36 inches

Maria Svarbova "Harmony" 2017, Archival Pigment Print, 35.4 x 35.4 inches

Pivotal New Artworks by Mr. Brainwash, Brendan Murphy, Hijack, Maria Svarbova, Daniele Sigalot, and Cayla Birk.

CLEVELAND, OHIO, UNITED STATES, December 4, 2018 / -- Contessa Gallery will be participating in the 29th annual Art Miami Fair. Over these past 29 years, Art Miami has established a well-known reputation for providing fine art collectors with the latest in high quality Contemporary and Modern Art. The fair will begin on December 4 and run through December 9, 2018. Contessa Gallery is thrilled to present the most recent works by Mr. Brainwash in a solo booth designed by the artist, as well as groundbreaking new pieces by Brendan Murphy, Hijack, Maria Svarbova, Daniele Sigalot, and Cayla Birk. This will be the highly anticipated Art Miami/Basel Week debut of Maria Svarbova’s artwork with the gallery, the world premiere of Brendan Murphy’s latest chrome sculptures, Cayla Birk.’s newest series, and all new works by Mr. Brainwash, Hijack, and Daniele Sigalot.

Viewers at Art Miami will be able to experience new artwork by California artist, Brendan Murphy (B. 1971 - ), who has recently been displaced by the wildfires in Malibu that have devastated his neighborhood. Often in times of stress and hardship, artists produce their best work and this is definitely one of those pivotal periods for Brendan. Contessa Gallery is grateful for his and his family’s safety, as well as honored to give him this platform to exhibit his most recent paintings and sculptures. A world-renowned artist, Brendan Murphy pushes the walls of creativity beyond the confines of the canvas and has since explored 3-dimensional work, concept pieces, and a wide range of different materials. In doing so, Brendan has developed his own style, a definitively dynamic mix of the abstract and figurative form. Brendan’s talent lies in his ability in balancing these various elements of exploration against the backdrop of his greatest inspirations; formulas, equations, relationships, and the spectrum of human emotion. Along with recent paintings from his iconic Chalkboard Series, Contessa Gallery is excited to premiere an all new series of unique, chrome sculptures that are extraordinary in scale and technique. These sculptures are created using a process exclusive to Murphy, resulting in a vibrant chrome-based painted finish. The gallery is looking forward to debuting these exciting new works at Art Miami.

Back by popular demand, Contessa Gallery looks forward to hosting a separate booth entirely dedicated to the electrifying works of Mr. Brainwash. The brilliant artist will be displaying an exclusive body of work, and it is sure to be a blockbuster attraction at Art Miami. Mr. Brainwash (born Thierry Guetta in 1966) began his artistic career over 17 years ago documenting the underground world of street artists. Eventually this endeavor introduced him to Banksy, who is arguably the most anonymous and famous street artist living today. With the encouragement of Banksy, Guetta began creating his own street art. In 2008, Mr. Brainwash produced an explosive first solo show, Life is Beautiful. The epic display of hundreds of breakthrough works revolutionized the art scene not only in Los Angeles, where the show was held, but worldwide. This phenomenal exhibition skyrocketed Mr. Brainwash’s popularity. His artistic evolution is chronicled in the Academy Award nominated documentary, Exit Through the Gift Shop, coincidently directed by Banksy. Known for his stylistic combination of pop and street art, Guetta creates his works by brilliantly fusing together historical pop imagery with contemporary cultural iconography. This year the gallery is excited to showcase the artist’s continual revolutionary experimentation with new media and subject matter. The special exhibition will showcase his newest broken vinyl record collages, which give both material and subject a new life by “making singers live forever with what they sold.” Mr. Brainwash will also be showcasing new paintings that employ neon light bulbs, paper collages, and fiberglass. Contessa Gallery is looking forward to exhibiting the latest energetic and never seen before works by Mr. Brainwash at Art Miami.

Contessa Gallery is proud to exclusively introduce the groundbreaking Periodic Table of Relevance Series by innovative contemporary artist and visionary, Cayla Birk. Cayla is an important young artist whose voice and creative wit thrive on a contemporary style. Cayla’s work merges traditional acrylic paints with other unique materials; she transcends the confines of mixed media art to create a style all her own. A signature approach of intricate designs pervade all of Birk’s body of work – her instantly recognizable gestures boast austere verbiage and shroud depictions. Following the success of her signature Birktone Series, Cayla will be debuting an all new series that makes connections between aspects of contemporary life and the periodic table of elements using her signature style. This series pays homage to the Periodic Table of Elements, and each piece features an actual existing element. The atomic numbers and letters for real scientific elements are retained, while the given names are ‘relevant’ societal nouns or statements. Consistent with Cayla’s witty style, there is a corresponding Erlenmeyer conical flask alongside each canvas that enables the viewer to decode the numerical atomic weight, unlocking a hidden message. Contessa Gallery is honored to be selected as the voice of introduction of the artist’s ground-breaking new directions at Art Miami.

Maria Svarbova (B. 1988 - ) is an up and coming game changer in the contemporary art world. Recently named a Hasselblad Master of 2018 and a Forbes 30 under 30 artist, Svarbova gives a fresh take on portrait photography. Born in Slovakia one year prior to the end of communism, Svarbova explores the relationship between Socialist era architecture and public space and pulls from the geometric visual elements of functionalist design. Her distinct style departs from traditional portraiture and focuses on experimentation with space, color, and atmosphere. Carefully composed figures create thematic, dream-like scenes with ordinary objects. Her elegant and thought-provoking photographs evoke a contemplative silence, and her postmodern vision boldly articulates a dialogue of the isolation of the human experience. Contessa Gallery is ecstatic to exclusively bring Svarbova to Art Miami week and showcase her largest and most recent series, Swimming Pool.

Contessa Gallery is pleased to bring street artist Hijack, currently one of the most talked-about, up and coming artists today, back to Art Miami. With an all new body of work, Contessa Gallery will highlight Hijack’s continual evolvement as a studio fine Art Star in addition to being one of the world’s most respected street and graffiti artists. His talent is showcased in his detailed stencil and oil work, controlled paint drips and striking urban compositions. Working at the intersection between street art and fine art, Hijack presents a refreshing future for the next generation of artists.

Contessa Gallery artist Daniele Sigalot (B. 1976 - ), recently wrapped up his solo museum exhibition at the Royal Palace of Caserta. Through his massive paper plane installations and stainless steel sculpture, Daniele Sigalot is gaining critical acclaim in the fine art world, with major museum shows highlighting his talent. The center of his research spins around the ambiguity between the perception of the materials he uses and their actual nature. His iconic paper plane installations appear ephemeral at first glance, but are in actuality hand-crafted out of metal. This year will be the Art Basel Miami premiere of his latest maps on stainless steel: “A Portrait of You in Miami,” “A Portrait of You in New York City,” and “A Portrait of You in Jerusalem.” Contessa Gallery is thrilled to premiere the impressive and deeply conceptual maps series of original works before his highly anticipated installation of the series, “A Portrait of Everyone, Everywhere,” in the Milan airport.

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