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Sean Juhl Discusses the Benefits of Google Lens for Businesses

Sean Juhl

Sean Juhl

CLEARWATER, FLORIDA, USA, December 3, 2018 / -- Google has gone through a strict update, introducing the Google Lens to all Google Images. Marketing expert Sean Juhl explains the benefits this new technology has for businesses.

Google Lens was introduced through the company’s mobile platform. However, Google’s newest update has released Google Lens to the entirety of Google images. This is a big step for the advancement of AI, augmented reality, and business marketing.

Sean Juhl is excited to hear that the advancement was released, and he is looking forward to the implications. According to Juhl, Google Lens will open a new visual spectrum for business owners. This will have a positive effect on the abilities of their marketing efforts and industries at large.

What is Google Lens

The Google Lens works with Artificial Intelligence to form a pictorial informational guide, out of every image on Google. Currently, the idea is working on categorizing information throughout a picture. This means that specific facts about buildings, flowers, and transportation will be readily available, simply by picking out a portion of the picture.

The second phase of the information gathering will allow Google Lens to recognize text within an image. For businesses, this means their sign or storefront has an informational role in photos where it is not the subject. Instead of simply being in the background of a photo, the photogenic text will act as an advertisement.

How Google Lens Affects Content

Google Lens will heavily affect content. With this update, pictures will mean so much more than acting as a visual stimulant. Instead of simply attracting the mind, it will completely engage it. With the implementation of the Google Lens technology, any picture can be just as informative as the content it showcases.

Each point of information embedded within the image is another marker. Each marker connects a place, a face, and/or an object to a situation, theory or idea. The abundance of information that is now instantly accessible is astronomical. Now, a simple picture can provide a wealth of information, reaching far beyond the subject of the photo. Locations, time periods, and people will all affect the marketing content. Therefore, the content must be relevant. That way, the wealth of information adds to the content instead of overshadowing it.

Helping to Evolve Business Marketing

The capabilities of this early update coupled with the application is a surefire way to evolve business marketing. There is so much potential that is inherent within even this early adaptation of Google Lens. Sean Juhl believes this is akin to the shift in marketing that came from the evolution of social media. The capabilities of utilizing images have the possibility to reshape the way every industry conducts their marketing.

In summation, Sean K. Juhl encourages entrepreneurs to embrace the Google Lens adaptations. Juhl has high hopes for the advancement of this technology. This is only the beginning for the Google Lens and as it matures, business owners will want to keep up. Juhl believes eventually, this technology will overtake the current marketing spectrum. AI is still in its infancy and already, the technology is producing amazing things.

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