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Sean K. Juhl Explains How Small Businesses Power the Economy

Sean Juhl

Sean Juhl

Small businesses are essential for the health of the economy and Sean K. Juhl exposes how they do it.

CLEARWATER, FLORIDA, USA, November 29, 2018 / -- Small businesses have always played a powerful role in propelling the economy. When things are looking up, small businesses flourish. When the economy is not doing so well, small businesses are the first to recognize the downward spiral. Small businesses and startups have recently become an entity that everyone is paying attention to. However, the family-owned, small businesses throughout the world have always played a vital role in keeping the economy steady.

Sean K. Juhl has always had a fascination with small businesses. The way they operate in terms of economic relations is stealthy. Almost like the Illuminati, small businesses power the economy while the industries act as talking heads. Many believe that the power lies within the corporations, when, it is small businesses that make the cogs turn.

Small Businesses Create Jobs

Small businesses make up 99.7 percent of all U.S. employer firms, according to the Small Business Association. Many jobs that are being created year after year are created through a small business. This means that most jobs are not created by big corporations. Instead, the small business culture is far more likely to put food on your family’s table.

While the big corporations might hire a large mass of people. That is only a blip on the scale of jobs in their entirety. A small business has less than 500 employees. However, with the millions of small businesses in the US alone, the number of employed individuals adds up quick.

International Commerce is Fueled by Small Businesses

Small businesses make up almost all the international commerce conducted within the United States. The number of exporters reaches ninety-seven percent and the number of importers is ninety-eight percent. While globalization has made international commerce much easier for small businesses, these are still impressive numbers.

The concept for international commerce is the same as for the job creation. While the few corporations might make large orders, the smaller masses are what dominates the numbers. The ratio of small businesses vastly outweighs the corporations. Therefore, they out-perform large corporations.

The Small Business Evolution

The small business evolution is important because it humbles corporations. Most of the time, businesses grow. A super successful corporation does not simply materialize out of nowhere. Businesses need time and space to culminate, cultivate and become the international powerhouses that usually come to mind. Basically, that means that larger than life businesses were once small businesses. Over time, those small businesses evolved and turned into corporations. However, this gives hope to every small business with big aspirations.
After all, the common theme is true here too. Statistically, for a small business wishing to expand, the numbers are in your favor.

To close, Sean K. Juhl has always loved the unseen hand influence small businesses have on the economy. Entrepreneurs are innovators, but their control is often more than even they realize. In a way, the reality might come as a relief. After all, the true power of the economy is not fed by the few industries. Instead, it is constantly illuminated by the many small businesses working diligently to keep their own lights burning brightly.

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