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International Academic Report on the Frontiers of International Life Sciences and Nutritional Medicine.

Prevention and Control of Chronic Diseases

It is extremely important to ensure the health of the forthcoming generations through prevention now !”
— William Armstrong

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA , USA , December 3, 2018 / -- On October 27, 2018, the "International Academic Report on the Frontiers of International Life Sciences and the International Expert Forum on Nutritional Medicine and Chronic Diseases" was held in Jinan Zhangqiu Gengshan Villa Ecological Park.

The conference was organized by the National Public Nutrition Improvement Project Office, the China Folk Medicine Research and Development Association, the China Life Care Association, the Chinese Medicine Science and Technology Cooperation Center of the China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences, the China Elderly Health Care Association Vital Elderly Working Committee, and
the China Health Promotion Foundation. Health Special Fund, China Ageing Development Foundation Geriatrics Assistance Fund, Tsinghua University Old Science and Technology Workers Association, Zhejiang University Tea Culture and Health Research Association, China Great Health Industry Alliance, China Folk Medicine Research and Development Association Nutrition Medicine Branch,
The China National Traditional Chinese Medicine Research and Development Association Marine Biomedical Branch, Desheng Group, Shandong Jinxiuchuan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. and Genesis Advanced Biosceinces Inc from USA , other units jointly organized.

Former Deputy Minister of Health, Honorary Chairman of the China Health Association, Professor Zhang Fenglou, former Assistant Director-General of the World Health Organization, former Director of the National Health and Health Commission's Key Laboratory of Health Technology Assessment, Professor Chen Jie, President of Genesis Advanced Biosciences Inc , William Armstrong gave the first presentation, former Vice President of Tsinghua University, and Tsinghua University Professor Tao Sen, Honorary President of the Association of Science and Technology Workers, former Deputy Director of the National Committee on Ageing, Executive Vice President of the China Ageing Development Foundation, Mr. Yan Qing, Deputy Director of the National Economic
Research Institute, and National Public Nutrition Improvement Project Professor Yu Xiaodong, Director of the Committee, National Health and Health Commission, former Deputy Director of the China Health Education Center and Director of the Project Office Professor An Jiaxuan, Assistant Secretary-General of the China Consumers Association and Director of the Consumer Steering Committee Mr. Wang Qianhu, Executive Director of the Shandong Service Industry Development Association Vice President and President of the Provincial Health Industry Branch Mr. Xie Mengcun and other national ministries and departments and industry associations, from Tsinghua University,
Zhejiang University, Shandong University, Ocean University of China, American Association of Scientists, American Academy of Natural Medicine, Japanese Bioscience Research Institute, China Natural Products Research Institute and other prestigious institutes of the total domestic and
foreign experts, representatives from the Ministry of engineering work all over the country, outstanding member representatives and media correspondents friend more than 2,000 people attended the meeting.

In order to further promote the role and significance of nutrition medicine and precision nutrition in the prevention and control of chronic diseases, the conference launched the “International Health Science Frontier Achievements Nutritional Medicine Prevention and Control
of Chronic Diseases Promotion Campaign”. Director Yu Xiaodong read the document and started the ball with Minister Zhang Fenglou, President Tao Sen, Director of Youth, Director Li Shen, Director Feng Taichang, Director Wang Qianhu , Vice President Qiao Dejing and William Armstrong , President Genesis Advanced Biosciences.

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