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A Time for Renewable Change

Solar Advice and the Lack Thereof

CAPE TOWN, WESTERN CAPE, SOUTH AFRICA, December 5, 2018 / -- One thing South Africans can never complain about is the abundance of sun. It rarely stays cloudy in this part of the world, making it the perfect example of how solar power can help humanity thrive. At least, this is the idea behind Solar Advice and what the company ultimately aims to achieve. With a primary focus to enlighten South Africans about the options they have in green energy, Solar Advice has quickly made a name for itself as an authority informer and supplier.

“It’s all about being transparent with the information and knowledge we have.” – Neil Berrow (Director)

What started as a project to make South Africans more aware of solar power, as well as providing in-depth information about the equipment that makes it all possible, eventually transitioned into a company that serves multiple purposes. For example, the company offers free advice about solar equipment, usage, and even installations. When a direct response on the site is not available for some reason, an email or message can be sent, to which there is a guaranteed and quick reply from the Solar Advice team.

The second purpose is the e-commerce system to support the archive of information that has been available to the public since the conception of the site. Now, home and business owners are connected to an array of high-quality and affordable solar equipment. From reputable brands and suppliers like CanadianSolar, SMA, Victron, and BYD, South Africans are discovering how cost-effective green energy can be.

In addition to keeping South Africans informed and connected with the latest technological developments, Solar Advice also assists with the installation of systems. While the company caters to the whole of the country, it even extends its services to neighboring regions like Botswana, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Lesotho, and Swaziland. The installers that get contracted for the work are experienced and reputable, and the Solar Advice team keeps providing support throughout the process.

“We love working with people. But the best part is helping them experience renewable energy for themselves.” - Armando Da Silva (Managing Director)

Even though solar power has gained a lot of popularity and interest over the years, accessibility to this technology in the South African market is lacking. Issues regarding quality equipment, affordability, and a minimal number of suppliers, keep it from really taking off as a trend. Maybe this can be blamed on the focus to exploit solar energy while the guy on the street remains in the dark about truly accurate prices, rather than bringing this incredible technology to the rest of the country and ensuring more tomorrows. More specifically, the nation should be informed about how affordable and beneficial solar power can be when given the opportunity.

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