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A Flat Earth Kyrie Irving Christmas?

Its a Flat Earth Christmas at Love Park in Philadelphia on Saturday December 8th, up to one hundred flat earthers will be spreading holiday truth.

NEW EGYPT, NJ, U.S., November 28, 2018 / -- For anyone who hasn’t learned yet, the earth is flat. That’s right, that ball we call earth supposedly spinning 1,000 mph (almost as fast as a bullet) at the equator with water that magically sticks to it is a lie. That ball earth you thought you lived on all your life, that ball doesn’t exist, Earth is Flat and we have been lied too. Or so says the ever rapidly growing number of people who have actually investigated Flat Earth, including many in the Philadelphia area it seems. We are starting to see flat earth pop up everywhere, from basketball star Kyrie Irving to movies about flat earth like “Behind the Curve” (released in the past few months), to songs about flat earth from celebrity rapper B.o.B., to newly created flat earth songs by YouTubers like the song “No Photographs of Earth” found on YouTube channel Conspiracy Music Guru.

Philadelphia seems to be Flat Earths next big target for truth. According to David Hicks, who creates content on his YouTube channel “zoom truth”, on Saturday December 8th from 11am to 3pm Flat Earth activist will come together at Christmas Village in LOVE PARK at JFK Plaza 1500 Arch Street. Plans are for up to a hundred flat earthers to hold the Flat Earth Fury in Philly Rally where he and other flat earthers plan to demonstrate and show proof why the earth is flat. “It’s not the lack of evidence that proves earth is flat, it’s being able to accept the evidence that is the really hard part” says David Hicks. “At the Flat Earth Fury in Philly Rally we will demonstrate proof of the deception, from how NASA lies to why the multi nation Antarctic Treaty that prohibits individual exploration of that region was really created in 1959 and is still active today” Hicks says. The Flat Earth Activists at the "Flat Earth Fury in Philly Rally” on Saturday, December 8th at Love Park , will have banners, give information and spread the truth about the Globe Lie to onlookers. In addition, several flat earth speeches will be made by the Flat Earth activists and creators from YouTube channels “Marilyn Spirit Level”, “zoom truth” and “Brother Ernest”.

In addition to the Flat Earth Fury in Philly Rally on Saturday December 8th, multiple other Flat Earth Rally’s are being planned for in other cities for that same day, including a Flat Earth Rally in Chicago by Flat Earth Activist Steve Alicea, who creates activism content for his YouTube channel RealmWalker, and in Minneapolis by Flat Earth Activist Josh Swift with the YouTube channel Authentic Intent. The Flat Earth Rally at Christmas Village in Love Park will be live streamed on Youtube channel zoom truth. For more information on joining the rally in Love Park Philadelphia, contact

“We look at this as a starting point for larger Flat Earth activism and are in the process of planning another even bigger worldwide rally called Ephesians Day Rally 5/11, A Day to End Mans Enslavement this coming May 11th 2019. The Ephesians Day Rally will be a day for all truthers to unite, including Flat Earth, 9/11, Vegans, Agenda 21, DEW, anti vaccine, non gmo, sick care industry, 1st amendment auditors, Federal Reserve challengers, Gold Fringe Flag, MIC, home schooling, pizzagate, NASA moonlanding, Industrial Agriculture and Animal Farming and many others who see the lies and have decided it is time to unite to expose those lies.” said David Hicks For more information on the Flat Earth Fury in Philly Rally on Saturday, December 8th 2018 and the other planned Rally locations on that day go to and

“All of this is verifiable information you can look into and investigate yourself, I recommend, and the as excellent resources to start your investigation into flat earth” says David Hicks. Additionally the hit Flat Earth documentary on YouTube by Eric Dubay, “The History of Flat Earth” offers many reasons that prove we cannot be living on a spinning ball. What better gift could one ask for at the holidays than learning the truth about where they live.

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