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Baby-Scan launches the world’s first wireless 2D/3D ultrasound scanner for mobile devices.

Baby Scan app available for IOS & Android

Baby-Scan your personal window into the womb

Baby-Scan, ultrasound made accessable

Baby-Scan,an instrument with which prospective parents can follow the development of their expected one any time, anywhere with whomever they want.

VELDHOVEN, THE NETHERLANDS, November 27, 2018 / -- Baby-Scan is the world's first wireless 2D/3D echo scanner for home use. An instrument with which prospective parents can follow the development of their expected one any time, anywhere with whomever you want.

Baby-Scan is based in Veldhoven, the beating heart of Brainport in The Netherlands. A blend of a renowned high-tech and design hub, a versatile pool of tech-savvy entrepreneurs, and a bustling hotspot of startup success stories.

Launch at CES Las Vegas 2019

Experience pregnancy even more intensely with Baby-Scan! The world's first wireless 2D/3D echo scanner for mobile devices will soon be a fact! Empowering parents with 2D & 3D images of their developing infant, Baby-Scan and the corresponding app is slated to launch in January in Las Vegas during CES 2019, the world's gathering place for all those who thrive on the business of consumer technologies.

The application

The Baby-Scan app is an application with all kinds of fun possibilities. It allowes expecting families to get a first glimpse of their unborn baby on their phone, record and share it on a specially designed time-line. By connecting the Baby-Scanner via Wi-Fi to the Baby-Scan app, you can enjoy 2D/3D ultrasounds on any mobile device. Furthermore, the app includes a contraction timer, baby name tool and a blog with all kinds of fun facts. The Baby-Scan app is available for free from the App Store or Google Play.

Scan and share

The Baby-Scan app enables you to save and share ultrasound imagery. You decide for yourself what you are going to do with those beautiful images and who are allowed to get a glimpse. All data is securely stored in the Baby-Cloud, so you do not have to worry about the security of your images. In your Baby-Scan account you can indicate with whom you want to share the echoes. So you can comfortably surprise family and friends with an update on the growth and development of your little one.

Carefree and safe

The scanner uses ultrasound, a technique that uses sound waves. These ultrasound waves are sent into the body from the Baby-Scanner. Once through the skin, the sound emitted by the unborn fetus is reflected back to the scanner (hence the name: echo). This ultrasound is captured and converted into an image on the mobile device. These actions are completely painless and harmless. Because humans do not have ultrasound sensors, you won’t notice a thing of these sound waves. Scientific research has clinically proven that the use of the Baby-Scanner is not harmful to the development of your unborn child. The EEA and FCC have tested and approved the Baby-Scan for quality and safety and has acquired the CE and FCC certification.

The account

Each Baby-Scan unit has a unique identifying device code that enables the service department to manage and control the whole from the Baby-Cloud. Here the registration of the user's data takes place, the used number of photos, videos and the birth date of the child is recorded.

A Baby-Scan account is valid for 10 months from the moment the account is activated. With an account you can infinitely watch your little one with the possibility to save photos or videos on your timeline.

Turning an idea into a product

Enthusiastic entrepreneur Hans Mekking who stood at the cradle of Baby-Scan, earned his stripes with several successful business ventures in the Netherlands.

“Entering the consumer electronics market with an innovative product such as Baby-Scan has been a long and very interesting road from idea to final product. Most important it proves that if you have a good story combined with a group of highly skilled professionals all your inspiration will lead to designs full of innovative ideas. Baby-Scan offers expecting parents a buzz of anticipation…Happiness as a Business Model”.

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Baby-Scan launches the world’s first wireless 2D/3D ultrasound scanner for mobile devices