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Global LED Rental Display Market Analyze From YUCHIP

China is the largest manufacturing base of LED displays in the world. The world’s most advanced LED display products are almost entirely from China.

SHENZHEN, GUANGDONG, CHINA, November 27, 2018 / --    China is the largest manufacturing base of LED displays in the world. The world’s most advanced LED display technology and patents are almost entirely from China. Looking at the trajectory of China's LED display rental market, we will find that the leasing screen market can develop rapidly. In addition to benefiting from technological progress and market demand, the policy-oriented role of the market is also very obvious. At present, China's LED display industry with the "small gap" broke out, the market growth is stable. In the progress of the technological process and the overall trend of development, the leasing market is pursuing a larger and broader space. At the same time, as the industry enters a “diversified” development period, display products are more diverse and diverse, and companies have developed across multiple sectors, which has brought a very profound impact on the LED display market.

P3-P5 rental screen mainstream
One of the most significant changes in LED rental screens is the “pitch”. As people's demand for high-definition display is getting higher and higher, thanks to advances in LED display technology, manufacturing processes, and material levels, the distance between rental products is also shrinking with the times. 2008-2012 P10 and P16 full-color outdoor displays are the mainstream products in the leasing market, covering a market share of 70% of outdoor LED screens. Since 2013, the prices of P10 and P8 full-color LED display panels have reached a new low, and sales have been achieved. The qualitative leap, especially the P10 full-color LED display accounts for almost 80% of the market. In 2013, the industry began to lease the P4.8 rental products. Today, the outdoor rental screen has developed to be P3-P5-based, with the trend toward P2.0.
With P0.8 small-pitch displays already in volume production, the pace of leasing products to smaller pitches seems to be the general trend and inevitable for the development of the leasing market.

Product diversification and humanization
Besides the rental products are developing to be high definition, another notable feature is diversity and humanity. The so-called diversity, mainly reflected in the LED screen and transparent screen. In recent years, many companies engaged in the production of heterosexual modules and transparent screens in the industry have an increasingly significant impact on the leasing market. Many shaped screens and transparent screen manufacturers, such as YUCHIP, have launched their own Led transparent screens, led poster , and taxi top led display products, thereby greatly enriching the rental market and giving consumers more choices.
Led display products for renting more and more, more and more refined. It is believed that the rental market will grow bigger and bigger.

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