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Sherry Lynn Womack Explains What to do in an Emergency

Emergency situations are usually hectic and scary, but Sherry Lynn Womack explains exactly what to do.

SANFORD, NORTH CAROLINA, USA, November 26, 2018 / -- Every day, there are many chances for you to be part of or happen upon an emergency. The more people do in a day, the farther they drive, and the more risks they take makes them prone. No one knows when an emergency is going to take place. However, it is vital that when an emergency strikes, you know the basics of what to do.

Sherry Lynn Womack is a woman of action. Regardless of her situation, she can take charge and keep an emergency from getting any worse. She understands that she has training, but she also knows that even without it, people can do amazing things. That is why Womack wants everyone to know what to do in an emergency.

Stop. Take a Breath.

At the height of an emergency, stopping to breathe sounds counterproductive. However, it is essential for helping in an emergency. Rushing in all crazy only makes people more hysterical and causes the potential for further damage. Instead, stop and take a breath. Count to ten and focus on your breathing.

Examine the Situation

Putting yourself or others in harm's way is not helpful. Instead, take a moment to survey the situation. Figure out what is going on and decipher if there are any other dangers. Whether it is a car crash, or someone falling off a ladder, there are possible chain reactions to every emergency. You can never be completely sure that the danger has passed. Yet, it is still good to take that moment to ensure you are not running right into a trap.

Look at the Situation as a Whole

Never focus too intently on one thing. Instead, in an emergency, always look at the whole picture. By focusing on smaller details, other issues can be missed, or you could be overcome with emotion. Instead, focus on what you are doing, but also remember that there is a bigger picture.

Call Emergency Services

The sooner EMS services and police are on the way, the sooner the people who need it will get help. Thus, calling emergency services as soon as possible is paramount. If you are needed elsewhere, tell someone to call the police. Make it clear that authorities need to get here immediately.

Prepare Yourself Educationally

There is no way to prepare yourself for every given situation. However, there are basic classes that can be done to help educate you on common emergency situations. Having the confidence to know you were trained in CPR and first aid basics will help in an emergency.

To close, Sherry Lynn Womack knows firsthand that every second count in an emergency. There are two types of people in this world. The people who do nothing and those that make a difference. Even without proper training, using these tips will help to defuse the situation and get medical attention quickly. It is extremely possible that by following Sherry Lynn Womack’s advice, you will save a life.

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