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Sherry Lynn Womack Saves the Day

Sherry Lynn Womack’s quick thinking helped turned potential chaos into a manageable event.

SANFORD, NORTH CAROLINA, USA, November 23, 2018 / -- Today, it is so hard to find a true good Samaritan. Often, when catastrophe strikes, people are either unable or unwilling to help. Most people coming upon the accident that took place on October 17, 2018, would have simply gone right by. After all, it was not impacting their life or the life of anyone they cared about. In today’s reality, it is uncommon to find someone like Sherry Lynn Womack, happening upon a scene.

Here is how Sherry Lynn Womack saved the day:

The Situation

The day was completely unsuspecting. Sanford is an artsy town with entertainment abound. Fun and excitement were all the visiting couple were expecting from their getaway. The two were having a great time. With such a busy lifestyle, it is hard for couples to get away. Yet, when they do, the worries seem to melt into oblivion.

However, the gentleman and his wife were not doing anything out of the ordinary. Through their sightseeing, they decided to attend a matinee at the Temple Theatre. It was early evening when they got out of the show. There were plenty of people around and the sun had not yet fully set. Yet, the many false senses of security did nothing to prevent tragedy from striking. While they were crossing Steele Street, the man was struck by a car.

Womack’s Response

Sherry Lynn Womack happened upon the scene within seconds. She was the first person to act. Womack administered care and help, jumping into action to ensure the scene did not get any more out of hand.

In addition to making him as comfortable as possible, Womack also focused on comforting the injured man’s wife. When others finally started to see what was going on, Womack delegate jobs to organize the situation. She was able to assign people to stop traffic in the area and gather First Aid items. When she received what she requested, Womack used the items to stop his bleeding and tend to his injuries.

The most important aspect of it all though is that Sherry Lynn Womack stayed with the couple until the EMS crew arrived. She stayed calm and confident. Womack was able to keep a level head enough to keep everyone calm and help prepare for the ambulance.

Sanford officials who arrived at the scene are certain it would have been total chaos, had Sherry Lynn Womack not been there.

In summation, Sherry Lynn Womack is a large part of the reason the couple is recovering well, physically and mentally. Womack was a citizen during this encounter. She was not on duty nor did she have any true responsibility to help the couple, besides human decency. Yet, instead of continuing on her business, she was the first person to stop and help. Womack used her training and her leadership to control an otherwise horrific situation. It is a good chance that Sherry Lynn Womack saved that man’s life that day. The family of that man will never forget her quick-thinking, immediate response, and selflessness. She is a true hero.

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