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The Way of the Dog gets TWO 5 star reviews, one from Manhattan Book Review

Manhattan and San Francisco Book Reviews give Eva A. MacDonnell's The Way of the Dog, two five star reviews

Eva A. MacDonnell just speaks for Eros, who is the real author.”
— Eva A. MacDonnell
SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, November 19, 2018 / -- The Way of the Dog: From The Memoirs of Eros, the Metaphysical Dog by Eva A. MacDonnell received a five star review from the Manhattan Book review. The Way of the Dog is about Eros, a poodle puppy, born in rural New Jersey. He is a prodigy when it comes to questions, although his prodigiousness ends when it comes to answers--for now. As just a puppy, there is much to learn before Eros can enter the wild, a fascinating and dangerous place for dogs and humans alike. He hones his skills for the sole purpose of survival.

It takes time for young Eros to realize that life is about much more than survival; life is about finding happiness. However, to find happiness, it is imperative that Eros grows stronger, fights better, and finds time to play. There will be difficulties, of course, but the drive to survive inspires endurance in the young pup as he seeks purpose and love.

“The Way of the Dog was an unexpectedly delightful story.” “Lessons about love, humans, joy, happiness, grace, virtue, and grief are all addressed… Overall, this book was a fantastic read with little parables about the meaning of life strewn throughout” said reviewer Kristi Elizabeth.

Author MacDonnell says of her book, “This book evolved out of mixing thoughts of no dog in particular, although Eros, the metaphysical dog, does bear a striking resemblance to my own dog, and remembrances of Animal Farm. I find it ironical that Animal Farm is considered a children’s book, even though it is a grim, pessimistic story, as it focused on satirizing communism. In contrast, I decided writing a book for adults to satirize metaphysics (something I am studying in another life), and voila, I came up with The Way of the Dog. This story is about life and recognizing that there is always a struggle to get to happiness. Eros, the main character, learned from his mother, Skylark: “You cannot be happy if you are not joyful about something. When you find this joy, happiness, grace, and virtue will follow. The way of the dog is to find this joy everyday and to never give up this search.” I feel this is a much better message for the world, children included, than Orwell’s dour cynicism.” The way of the dog can be purchased from Amazon HERE

"The Way of the Dog from The Memoirs of Eros, the Metaphysical Dog ... was an exceptional tale told through the eyes of the main character, Eros, a dog. Throughout the story, (we) are presented with little life lessons, which forces us to recognize many of the emotions that we experience in our lives-from happiness and joy to confusion, sadness, and grief… Throughout the story, we see that Eros is a dog that is full of questions... Although some of us may not outright question as much as he does, most of us, deep down, do have the questions inside us." – Christi Lyle, San Francisco Book Review

"A timeless story that will both entertain and enlighten." William Widmer, author, --The Workings of the Subtle Heart

Eva A. MacDonnell is a simple woman who has one gift. The ability to talk to this one dog, Eros, the true author of this book. Here is Eros's biography: Eros lives in the Wild of New Hampshire. Well, not exactly! He lives in a very small house with an elderly couple, minding another dog and a cat, while keeping guard on 20 acres of farmland, chasing deer and wild turkeys away daily. In this dog-world, he is the undisputed alpha-dog, literally. When he is not transcribing his life story to Eva, Eros, now an accomplished philosopher, holds court with squirrels, raccoons, bears, cardinals, and bluebirds, whom come by his house to partake in his wisdom. In between these soliloquies he beats off coyote attacks with one paw and a mighty bark.

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