Author Valeria Lopes

Author Valeria Lopes

Tears of Joy, Tears of Pain in these Paranormal Novels of Obsession, Reincarnation and Spiritual Redemption

BOCA RATON, FL, ESTADOS UNIDOS, November 13, 2018 / -- The Curse of the Werck Family, Volume 1: The Battle Between Love and Hate

The Curse of the Werck Family, Volume 2: Eternal Souls

Both Channeled to Valéria Lopes by Spirit Guide Andorra

These are the novels that captivated Brazil when first published here in 2000. They rapidly became best-sellers, due both to the riveting saga of the supernaturally cursed Werck Family, and the remarkable manner of how the book came about.

Author Valéria Lopes received the 2-volume epic story as a gift from her spirit guide Andorra, so that she might pass along the lessons and importance of patience, understanding, acceptance, and forgiveness to her readers - to all in fact, who endure the trials and tragedies of life.

Both novels in the series have just been updated with new translations and added details. The revised editions are now available on Amazon.

The Curse of the Werck Family, Volume 1: The Battle Between Love and Hate

France 1510. The time of the Inquisition. During one of the most darkest periods of history, untold barbaric acts were committed in the name of God.

In a small village in the south of the kingdom, the matriarch of an influential and highly prestigious family accused a beautiful, but humbly born young woman of witchcraft, sending her to death by a public burning at the stake.

Helen was only 17 years old, and the love of the oldest son of the matriarch. But she was not of his status. So, Elizabeth Werck sought to destroy their future the only way she knew. She accused Helen of witchcraft. Her allegation based solely on the fact that the young woman had a black cat.

Due to the position of the Werck family, the Catholic Church, loyal to their wealthiest donors, didn’t even bother to investigate the accusation. During the trial, the Inquisitor, using his mandate as representative of God's will, slandered, tortured, and killed all of Helen's closest relatives, in an attempt to confirm the monstrous lie that she was a witch.

Afterward, even knowing of her innocence, he personally delivered her death penalty in the public square, so that all could watch the flames as they raced up her body.

Cruel and merciless happenings have a way of unleashing extreme and supernatural reactions, especially when the spirit of Helen is unable to choose between love and hate, bringing unforeseen consequences to the lives of all involved.

Helen’s spirit lives on. But her reincarnated spirit unleashes extreme, mystical reactions at times loving, at other times violently hateful.

Which do you think wins? Love or Hate?

You will find out in this intensely romantic saga of two souls who remain eternally in love.

The Curse of the Werck Family, Volume 2: Eternal Souls

Tears of pain, tears of joy, tears of redemption…

A generation after The Curse of the Werck Family, Volume I ends, ancestors of the Wercks are living peacefully in Paris when corrupt officials arrest Leonard, Barbara’s twin brother, try him and award the family’s fortune to the King of France. Leonard’s life is hell, yet his connection to the paranormal, spiritual worlds help him survive, and in a sense, thrive through abject misery. The hand he has been dealt is truly miserable.

Barbara suffers very differently. She meets Count Carret, the object of all the single ladies in Paris. Carret is immediately taken with her, an obsession of love, and violence that lasts all his life. Barbara’s hatred of Carret can only come from one place: her past. It is not until she confronts the reasons both in this world and supernaturally, in the spirit dimension, that she is able to live in peace, with love in her heart and in her actions. Only when she understands with her heart and not just her brain is, she able to accept, forgive, and love.

The story is gripping, at times terrifying, and you can visualize it, as if it were on a movie screen, 40 feet high, in front of you. Rather than a story of good and evil, it is a story of love and hate; and how a heart filled with love and acceptance of what God has given us, can truly bring a life of clarity, tranquility, inner beauty and joy.

Translated from the Portuguese in contemporary English, this epic novel was channeled to author Valeria Lopes by her spirit guide Andorra, so that she might pass along life lessons and understanding to her readers - to all who endure the trials and tragedies of life.

“Our lives are as if we are in school, and if we don’t pass the tests, we’ll repeat them many times, until we learn our lesson. The only way to learn and rebalance hateful energy is with love. Of course, in most situations, the experience is not so easy because we are stubborn beings. First, we have to suffer, and only after that do, we sometimes open our hearts to love, finally moving on to the next level of learning.”

The Curse of the Werck Family, Volume 1: The Battle Between Love and Hate and The Curse of the Werck Family, Volume 2: Eternal Souls, are universal stories of love, hate, magic, and fate, weaving the personal and spiritual into a novel that presents life lessons in a most unique manner.

Valéria Lopes ( was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. With the help of her friends in the spiritual world, she developed her mediumship, learning how to use this gift to aid others.

With novels, inspirational tales, and autobiographical stories dedicated to bringing spiritual messages, the value of opening one’s heart to love along with other valuable life lessons to North and South American audiences in English, Spanish and Portuguese, The PiuBook Publishing Company ( is creating a new niche in the book business.

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