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CryptoTheorem launches AI based News Trading strategies

CryptoTheorem released Crcl, an AI trading tool to Trade News algorithmically.

AMSTERDAM, NETHERLANDS, November 6, 2018 / -- CryptoTheorem (, an Amsterdam based financial technology startup, today announced the launch of an intuitive and advanced platform for AI based News Trading called Crcl.

Aimed to disrupt traditional investing and research, CryptoTheorem is the first of its kind using AI augmentation for intuitive, drag n drop algorithm creation for news sentiment trading. It leverages natural language processing and grounding technologies to make not only sentiments, but context based news event probabilities predictable and asset volatility swings easily tradable. Crcl aids investors by performing continuous real-time AI optimization on trading strategies that are derived from user’s ideas.

“Many portfolio managers are astonished by the intuitiveness of the platform. The ability to explore, aggregate and visualize information gives enormous power to investors seeking to conduct research and make algorithmic news trading supported investment decisions”, says Maximilian Tartarovsky, spokesperson of CryptoTheorem.

“From Big Data architecture and AI analytics to interface design, we have made significant technological advancements and packaged it into one platform. We provide investors and researchers the ability to seamlessly interact with millions of events coming from all over the world to generate trading insights and profitable opportunities.

CryptoTheorem comes with a suite of analytics, monitoring and research features. Allowing the users to create trading algorithms and alerts based on financial, regulatory events, media sources, market sentiment etc., CryptoTheorem will attract investors who want to stay updated about every news piece or even Wall Street or Crypto rumour.

“My investment strategy uses fundamental analysis, but CryptoTheorem’s data makes it much easier to pick the right times to enter and exit positions, as well as to predict and thus manage volatility”, says Kalin Vydinksy, Managing Director of FV Investment Partners.

Utilizing social analytics in investment strategies has received a lot of attention in recent years. However, investors often worry about the excessive amount of spam, fake news and irrelevant information on the web, and basing trading decisions on this. Finding relevant and actionable information, and consistently turn it into profit is one of the major issues investors are currently facing.

CryptoTheorem has built the world's first social AI trading algorithm which allow users without programming knowledge to drag n drop their trading strategies using novel user interface (Crcl), and use it to combine price action, technical indicators, sentiment and news event alerts.

Sentiment analysis and AI tools can be used to extract value from data in order to:
* Foresee volatility and price moves using an understanding of how investors process news
* Make more profitable investment decisions by identifying when prices are trending, when trends are turning, and when sharp market moves are likely to reverse.
* Use sentiment to improve value and momentum investing returns.
* Avoid the pitfalls of unique price patterns found in crypto, currencies, tokens, commodities and during speculative bubbles.

Other key metrics that CryptoTheorem provides include impact, which predict the probable impact that story may have on asset prices.

About CryptoTheorem

CryptoTheorem provides social analytics and trading solutions to the financial service industry to support trading, investment, and research. With the industry’s most comprehensive collection of news, CryptoTheorem utilizes a combination of both proprietary and 3rd party natural language processing and AI algorithms to derive feature-rich analytics and profitable trading strategies in real-time.

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Crypto Theorem
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