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Keller Logistics Group raises over $63,000 for Defiance County, Ohio Veterans and Their Families

Operation K.A.V.I.C. Keller Assists Veterans In Crisis

Keller Assists Veterans In Crisis

Operation K.A.V.I.C. Keller Assists Veterans In Crisis was created to prevent local veterans from enduring financial hardships by subsidizing their benefits

DEFIANCE, OH, UNITED STATES, November 2, 2018 / -- Defiance, OH: Keller Logistics Group hosted the 4th Annual Veterans Appreciation Dinner on Thursday, November 1st in Defiance Ohio. This annual event provides veterans and their families in Defiance County a free dinner and access to veterans’ support organizations in an open house setting. Throughout the year, Keller Logistics Group asks businesses in Defiance County, business partners, and local residents to sponsor the event. The event sponsorships fund the Operation K.A.V.I.C. (Keller Assists Veterans In Crisis) program for the upcoming year.

This year, Keller Logistics Group was able to present the Defiance County Veterans Office and Ravens Care of Defiance with a check for $63,460 to fund the needs of Operation K.A.V.I.C. in 2019. Since the inception of Operation K.A.V.I.C. in 2015, Keller Logistics Group has raised over $190,000 for veterans and their families in Defiance County.

“Back in 2014 the employees at our headquarters in Defiance unanimously decided to donate the Friday Jeans Day money to the local veterans’ office to help with those in need during the holiday season. After we dropped off the gift cards, I received lots of great feedback on how much that donation, what seemed like a small gesture of gratitude, meant to a few veterans and their families. Those gift cards helped buy food, kids’ Christmas presents, and even helped keep the heat on in some veterans’ homes! It was right then and there I knew we needed to do something to help this under-served group. And from that, and lots of hard work by our Operation K.A.V.I.C. committee, the Defiance County Veterans Services, and Ravens Care of Defiance, Operation K.A.V.I.C. was born!” stated Bryan Keller, CEO of Keller Logistics Group.

The first Veterans appreciation dinner in 2015 raised just over $36,500. As Keller Logistics Group continues to share the positive impact Operation K.A.V.I.C. has on the community, they are seeing more sponsors participate in the event along with increases in their yearly donation.

Tayna Brunner from the Defiance County Veterans Office stated, “Mr. Keller and his crew have done an amazing job! Operation K.A.V.I.C. is unique to the state of Ohio, to have a fund like this, not only for Veterans but for Active Duty, Reservists, and National Guard. We have helped so many families… I wish they [sponsors] could see the relief on that person’s face when they know they are not alone. That they know their service counted for something in such a tangible way. This has been a Godsend for our office.”

As part of the event this year, nine World War II veterans in attendance were recognized for their service and given a World War II memorial challenge coin. During their recognition, Keller stated,
“This war came at a time when not many of us were even alive. However, the outcome of this war undoubtedly changed the world for the better. We didn’t want to be in this war, but with the bombing of Pearl Harbor and the pleas from our British friends, we entered it in a fury. President Roosevelt asked America to set up and become a war machine, even in Defiance Ohio companies like Zeller, GM, and Compo were building for the war. Without the American will, the men and women who served and many sacrificed their lives, built planes like no one had ever done before, this world would be much different.”

World War II memorabilia was also on display courtesy of local veteran, Mark Heilman.

During Bryan Keller’s presentation he thanked General level ($2,500) sponsors: Clemens, Korhn, Liming, Warncke & Wahl LTD., AMRI, Double A Trailer Sales, Stoops Freightliner, First Federal Bank, and Supply Chain Real Estate. Colonel level sponsors ($1,500) were also recognized: The American Legion Auxiliary Hicksville, OH, H.E. Rudy Trucking, Robinson Investments, and The Keith Hubbard Family Foundation. He made special mention of local businesses and organizations: Knights of Columbus donated the hall, Jacob’s Meats prepared the meal, Kirchers Flowers for centerpieces and many individuals that donated a variety of desserts.

After the acknowledgement of sponsors, Keller stated, “Year after year we see all the funds we’ve raised go to deserving veterans that need assistance to prevent them from enduring a financial crisis. As long as the need is present in Defiance County, we will continue to raise money to fund Operation K.A.V.I.C. It’s my hope that other counties throughout the country use our Operation K.A.V.I.C. as a model to develop a program to assist Veterans in their communities.”

To learn more about Operation K.A.V.I.C. visit the Keller Logistics Group website: or our Facebook page:

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