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Introducing ALPIA - the new shape of chocolate love : All rich & creamy, all German, all affordable

100-year-old German brand ALPIA set to hook chocolate lovers with its rich & creamy taste - in cool new shapes of love that come with adorable price tags!

GURGAON, HARYANA, INDIA, October 30, 2018 / -- Alpia: The new shape of celebrations this season.

100-year-old German chocolate manufacturer Alpia launches its flagship chocolates in India. With unique new features like Alps inspired shapes, quirky flavor combinations and a wide range, Alpia looks to tweak the shape of the industry terrain in its own image, and give chocolate lovers a whole new way to savor their favorite bite.

The century-old company has been manufacturing ‘chocolate love’ for generations, one that’s been ‘wow’-ing all kinds of palates for years now. Fans recognize and associate the distinctive Alpine experience as much by the rich, creamy smoothness and German levels of perfection as by the pink packaging and Alpine panorama that have traditionally featured on their wrapper - and is now prominently on the logo as well.

But now, they have more reasons to cheer. In the words of Mr. Jai Kishan, MD-Cosmo Fine Foods Pvt. Ltd., “We have a loyal demographic of Alpia fans and chocolate Passionists who have been used to our very signature taste. We decided it was time to surprise them. And the inspiration came from right under our nose, so to speak: The Alps. What could be more awesome than capturing the majestic shape and magical forms of this timeless mountain range in our chocolates – and give it a whole new Avatar? That’s where our new line comes from! And we hope our fans – irrespective of the palate - will have as much fun as they will enjoy relishing our cool new compositions!”

Along with the amazing new shapes, fans can now look forward to an exciting new range of flavours that ensure there’s never a dull moment. Some things, of course, will not change – such as the painstaking levels of expertise and care that goes into the making of every inch of Alpia chocolate. The goodness of fresh mountain air and Alpine whole milk that make it a robustly healthy product. And a delectable canvas of products that covers genres like creamy, fruity, crunchy, nutty, tablets, snacks and fun.

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