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Nelson Silberberg Inspires Travelers through Volunteer Efforts in South Africa

Nelson Silberberg

Nelson Silberberg

As a world-traveler, Nelson Silberberg's main goal is to help people in need and inspiring others along the way.

MIAMI, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, October 23, 2018 / -- Nelson Silberberg has worked hard to get to where he is currently in his life. Being born in the Dominican Republic and fighting to become a first-generation Floridian, life was not always perfect for Silberberg. However, that never dissuaded him from following his dreams and becoming a Chief Financial Officer. Silberberg loves his job and is thankful for the security it provides him.

Yet, instead of being complacent with his wealth, Nelson Silberberg has become a world traveler. Silberberg often takes trips to Thailand, Vietnam, and South Africa. Although, these trips are not for pleasure, or at least the type of lavish experience one might imagine. No, Silberberg visits these areas to help stave off the overbearing water crisis. He has worked diligently, especially in South Africa, to make life better for those who live there.

South Africa Volunteerism

South Africa is a beautiful country. However, much of the area lacks the abundance of resources America and other countries enjoy. People are starving and dying of thirst daily. A lack of food and a lack of clean water decimates the region’s population. Yet, the people there do their best. Many of these people must walk for miles each day, to provide enough water to survive. Never mind eating.

That is why Nelson Silberberg visits this area of the world often to volunteer. Not only does Silberberg appreciate the rich culture of the country, but he also knows he is making a difference. Through his efforts to lessen the water crisis, Silberberg travels to areas in need and helps to provide clean water.

The Water Crisis

The water crisis, or the lack of clean water, affects over 1.1 billion people globally. While insufficient drinking water is the main concern, there is far more to a lack of water than this. Hygiene, in terms of bathing and working toilets, are also luxuries these people do not have. This leads to infection, compounding the issues even more.

Nelson Silberberg works with other volunteers and organizations that spread awareness about the water crisis and help those affected. Whether people travel, spread awareness through information, or donate to the cause, people are understanding the severity of the situation. That means that more voices are speaking out and more funds are going toward clean water projects. Plus, Nelson Silberberg’s work has inspired more traveler to give their time to such a worthwhile cause.

Inspiring Other Travelers

There are many reasons people can have for going to South Africa. Photographers can go to capture beautiful shots and people can explore their heritage. However, instead of simply doing what travelers came to do, because of Nelson Silberberg, they are helping the people. By setting such a good example, Silberberg is inspiring other travelers to go to South Africa and save people’s lives. Being able to help in such a direct way is a great feeling. Nelson Silberberg is making that feeling even better by sharing it with fellow travelers.

In summation, Nelson Silberberg knows what it is like to have to scrape by. Silberberg has never forgotten the horrible feeling of not knowing where the next meal would come from. Fortunately, he was able to escape the vicious cycle that often plagues families in this situation for generations. However, instead of forgetting about the struggles that made him who he is, he dedicates his resources to helping others.

Nelson Silberberg’s actions and advocacy is bringing light to an issue that usually goes unacknowledged. Moreover, it is motivating others, inspiring them to help the people who need it most. Silberberg and others give what they can, time, money, and talent to make the world a better place for everyone.

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