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Nelson Abraham Silberberg Raises Awareness of the Water Crisis

Nelson Anraham Silberberg Water Crisis

The Water Crisis leaves 884 million people living without access to safe water. Nelson Silberberg is working to raise awareness for their plight.

MIAMI, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, October 8, 2018 / -- Water is such an important resource. Arguably, it is the most vital resource on the planet. Yet, there are so many people who take advantage of their free-flowing access to it. When people in many countries turn on the shower or their sink, they expect water to pour out. Fresh, clean water is a luxury that they take full advantage of. However, for people who have always lived in such a modern society, it is almost impossible to imagine anything else. Unfortunately, there are civilizations and whole countries throughout the world, that finding fresh water is a daily struggle.

Nelson Abraham Silberberg is a first-generation Floridian who was born and raised in the Dominican Republic. Since establishing himself as an American Chief Financial Officer, he does everything he can to help others succeed. Silberberg assists in many volunteer outreach programs, but he is also an advocate for educating people about the Water Crisis.

-What is the Water Crisis?

The Water Crisis is defined as the lack of enough, sanitary water for a region. Water is the basis of life. People drink it, bathe in it, use it for cooking, and sanitary solutions. Unfortunately, though, there are more people with a mobile phone, than access to a toilet. This is because the Water Crisis is running rampant throughout continents, yet many turn a blind eye.

The Water Crisis continues to grow, however, because there is always more of a demand, while resources continue to deplete. Thus, the crisis continues to grow. The insufficient access to clean water leads to unsanitary living conditions. This, in turn, spreads disease, lowers immune systems, and creates birth defects. According to, every two minutes, a child dies from the impact of water-deficiency.

-How Can People Help Fight the Water Crisis?

Usually, the reaction to hearing about the Water Crisis is the inclination to help. However, many people do not know where to start or what to do. Therefore, here are a few suggestions to help people find ways to help fight the Water Crisis:

Volunteer: Nelson Abraham Silberberg spends his free time volunteering in regions, where the Water Crisis is most prevalent. Thus, Silberberg knows from experience that there is always a need for volunteers. Whether it is feasible for a person to travel to the region or volunteer at home, all efforts are appreciated.

Start a Fundraiser: Funding is essential to helping fight the Water Crisis. Starting a fundraiser is easy and can be done through a multitude of platforms. Funding helps bring fresh water into the affected regions. Plus, it helps those regions develop ways of receiving fresh water and sanitary options.

Raise Awareness: Talking about the Water Crisis and disallowing people who have fresh water to ignore the issue is paramount. Unfortunately, this is a horrific issue that is often overlooked. However, by continuing to raise awareness and advocating to help these regions, you are keeping the fight alive.

In summation, Nelson Silberberg is passionate about raising awareness about the Water Crisis. People throughout the world are struggling to acquire a resource that is needed for survival. Without sanitary water, there is no possible way for people to continue to survive, let alone progress their lives. It is up to those who can help to take on the responsibility. Silberberg knows that it is his responsibility, but he cannot shoulder the burden alone.

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