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Announcing – Software for the human body. Bio energy patches made to “Balance and Realign Human Energetic Homeostasis”

Human Energetic Homeostasis

The brain controls all your mental functions and physical functions using electrical or chemical signals, whether you’re aware of it or not. It is a powerful supercomputer and will literally astound you when you look more closely.

The human body is a complex, highly-evolved organism. Designed to perform a wide variety of difficult tasks.

These products are not FDA approved, and do not fall into a medical device application. These products are drug and chemical free.

Your entire existence...all matter, all life, all experiences--everything owes its existence in the physical world to frequency. Absolutely everything is frequency.”
— Richard Eaton, CEO AB Centrix
HENDERSON,, NEVADA [NV], UNITED STATES, October 18, 2018 / -- The Human Body

Although still primal, the human body is a complex, highly-evolved organism, designed to perform a wide variety of difficult tasks. Oxygen is the most abundant element in the body, followed by carbon. Hydrogen is next, after which the body contains many trace elements, such as calcium, magnesium, phosphorous, sodium, potassium and nitrogen. These and their compounds form tissues, which make up many different systems, each of which fulfills a function.

The proliferation of electrical technologies raises new areas for study, including the analysis of the interaction of electromagnetic radiation with the human body itself. The tissues of which the body is formed are lossy dielectrics, (a lossy dielectric is a medium in which an EM wave loses power as it propagates due to poor conduction).

History of Bio Energy
Understanding how bio energy works for both humans and animals, one must have at least a basic comprehension that everything in the universe is made up of energy. – All interactive life processes require an energy exchange or transfer. Light energy interacting with pigments in your eyes allows you to see.

Sound energy vibrates the hair cells in the cochlea in your ear that allows you to hear sound. Hair cells in your nose pick up the vibrations of odor molecules that allow you to smell. Heat energy can fry an egg and when you eat the eggs the chemical energy from the breakdown of the food can operate your muscles and nerves.

Bio energy is basic to anything we do and in our experience of life around us and in us. It has been observed that these energies operate under certain absolute Laws, the main one being that energy never dies, it merely transforms from one state to another. Textbook science tells us that the physical world is formed from atoms and molecules, with electrons and protons vibrating around each other to create and shape the fabric of our reality, terms used to explain the nature and workings of bio energy.

Modern science tells us that the human person is not just a physical structure, but like everything else, we are also composed of bio energy fields that can be measured by various magnetic imaging devices, night vision devices and others, which can measure the electromagnetic fields around the human body.

The Life Style products are similar to a CD with information that is programmed and stored to be beneficial to the human body for 72 hours. Frequency technology goes back over 100 years and includes prominent pioneering researchers such as Nikola Tesla, Royal Rife, Harold Saxton Burr, Samuel Hahnemann, and many more. Innovation in this technology has allowed the integration of scientific theories with personal application for the benefit of us living in the 21st century.

Presently, AB Centrix has been producing this technology and has been used on thousands of people over the past 15 years with remarkable results. In addition, we are now designing studies with ultra-modern scientific equipment to begin measuring the results of the body patch. Heart Rate Variability (HRV) equipment, Accelerated Plethysmography (APG), Gas Discharge Visualization (GDV), and numerous other registered scientific equipment is being utilized for the exploration and discovery of the many uses of these wearable bio energy patches.

Bio Energy Synthesis Technology is used to describe the programming procedure that is used for programming the Bio Energy patches. This process allows “sub-harmonic frequencies” to be imprinted into a Mylar material that contains carbon and crystalline elements, which is a perfect medium for programming information.

Because our body is a living organism, we attract low sub-harmonic radiation from the energy flux of the Bio Energy patch. When fully charged, the bio energy patches emit bio frequency energy to 'resonate' with the natural energy field in the body.

If you attempt to back this with any kind of theory, then you can find claims that cells 'resonate' at a certain frequency and that this frequency has an optimal level and that the frequency can be altered via exposure to other frequencies.

About AB Centrix LLC:

Founded by Richard Eaton in 2012, AlphaBio Centrix, R&D is a global leader in providing unique and innovative products using Bio Energy Synthesis Technology. When the technology was first created and invented nearly 25 years ago, Mr. Eaton was working with a team of Engineers and Biophysicists who had extensive knowledge of the complex systems in our bodies, such as the brain, circulation system and the immune system. Together, they found ways to capture subtle bio energy frequencies, that are compatible to the body’s own complex energy field and can influence what happens in nature by using this external subtle energy source.

They then created a one-of-kind machine, called an (AFG), Accelerator Frequency Generator which is in use today to program a crystalline/carbon material that is now called a “wearable disc with programmed frequencies”. − For additional technical explanation visit:

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