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Blockchain app, available now, is aiming to disrupt the world of sports

This is the sporting app that would bypass currency and other restrictions among nations and unite them in all sports disciplines wherever they are.”
— Michal Polanowski, CEO and World Champion

LONDON, ENGLAND, UNITED KINGDOM, September 10, 2018 / -- The limited-time fundraising for a new app that might revolutionize the sports world by giving sports enthusiasts has started today. The peer-to-peer platform will enable people to securely rent or purchase equipment, pay for training or coaching anywhere in the world while booking the greatest number of sports facilities. Over 20,000 people from 80+ countries have joined the line to wait for this crowdfunding event.

The AllSporter app is a global economic marketplace backed by a blockchain-based currency; the “AllSporter Coin (ALL).” Athletes can use these tokens to rent sporting equipment, give lessons, or receive training, and then take those tokens and convert them back into the currency of their choice by using a simple and convenient mobile app that is even now available on Google Play and the App Store.

“This is the sporting app that would bypass currency and other restrictions among nations and unite them in all sports disciplines wherever they are.” touted World and European windsurfing champion and AllSporter CEO Michal Polanowski. “No longer will coaches and athletes be forced to pay insane currency rates or incredible mark-ups to middlemen to share their equipment and knowledge with each other. We’ve created a peer-to-peer platform that allows any user from any sport to log in, learn, buy, sell and invest their knowledge and equipment. It is a matter of time until all sportsmen realize the potential of a peer-to-peer platform.”

Renowned sportsmen are proving Polanowski’s words to be correct. Already, world champions like Stand-Up Paddle World Champ Connor Baxter, Windsurfing World Champion Steve Allen, and yacht expert Sergeij Pavlenko have signed on to the project. Polanowski says other champs from sports like golf, parkour, swimming, are offering their services and products on the AllSporter market in exchange for AllSporter Tokens they can convert to their local currency at any time.

The private sale that started today, offers something Wall Street might see as an astounding 55% bonus on all AllSporter token purchases, which will decrease to 30% when the pre-ICO starts in early October. As the project approaches its fundraising goals of $19 million USD and time passes, the price of ALLs will increase.

“The sports market will be $169 billion dollars globally in 2021,” says Polanowski who invested a lot of his own money into the project. “Last year alone, Americans spent $19 billion on gym memberships and $33 billion on sports equipment. These are huge industries, but they are still operating like it’s the 1980s. AllSporter will disrupt that and unleash an enormous economic value for its investors and society.”


AllSporter is the next innovative step for the sports enthusiasts and professionals who want to rent equipment or book their next sports experience. It is based on cutting-edge blockchain technology that offers immutable records and fast transaction speeds in any major currency. The AllSporter app is also supported by Green Capital S.A. - a company in majority ownership of Mr. Michal Polanowski. Mr. Michal Polanowski is available for interview requests.

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About the revolutionary sports App

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