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What's Wrong with the Farm Bill?

Rep. US Congress 17th ILL

Bill Fawell, Republican candidate 17th Congressional District, Illinois, Outlines Failures in Farm Bill as it works its way through the Congress.

Making sure our young farmers inherit the land they work is at the top of my list,”
— Bill Fawell, Rep Candidate US Congress 17th ILL.

For Immediate Release September 3, 2018, Galena, Illinois: Bill Fawell, Republican candidate for the 17th Congressional District today outlined the failures of the Farm Bill as it works its way through the Congress.

“I think the biggest problem with the Farm Bill is the occasional lapse of common sense,” Fawell said, “an all too common mistake in government. This is grossly on display in the accommodation to the domestic Sugar Cartel, which is not only a financial disgrace with its Federal sanctioned two tiered price gouging, but it’s a felony because its polluting effects are destroying both the inner waterways of Florida and it’s coastal preserves killing hundreds of Federally protected species by the tens of thousands. I think the billions given to the Sugar Cartel would be best used to help young farmers buy the land they are expected to toil over.”
Reports on the Red Tide that has killed protected manatee’s, dolphins, whale sharks and thousands of other species up and down both coasts of Florida has been allegedly caused by the green algae’s flowing down Florida’s river system leading from Lake Okeechobee, the primary point of collection for the run-off fertilizers attributed to the sugar plantations in central Florida.
“Making sure our young farmers inherit the land they work is at the top of my list,” Fawell said. “Accordingly, I’d like to see an even greater focus allowing on site farmers to continue to enjoy the protections of federal insurance, while cutting back the same privilege given to the absentee landowners whose outside income helps to drive farmland prices beyond the means of younger farmers looking to own the land they work. It’s a well-known fact that too many big farm insurance checks are going to zip codes in Manhattan and Chicago and has nothing to do with preserving our family farms and institutions. If we want young farmers to inherit America’s proven means of production and maintain it, we have to stop driving them from ever owning the land.”
USDA data reports six out of every seven farmers are over 65 and 10% of arable America is slated to be sold this year. Currently, there is no discrimination to whom government handouts are given. This has brought outside investors into buying farm land creating a statistically measured reluctance of landless young farmers to stay in farming.
“Conversely, my opponents partisan vote against the Farm Bill is over food stamp requirements to work or get training. Worse yet, her answer to young farmers is to jump through a bunch of USDA hoops that won’t get them an inch closer to a USDA loan through their bank,” Fawell pointed out. “What she proposes sounds good, but if you talk to any bank making farmland loans today you'll find out it's meaningless. Further, while she wants the USDA to help farmers with healthcare costs she has fought against healthcare reform that would do for farmers what it should do for all Americans; it's just another partisan Democratic scheme to divide we Americans.”
“Finally, I note the President has already made accommodations to protect farmers during the trade wars, so it’s not a pressing issue to the Farm Bill.”

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