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This Ain't Your Mama's Idea of Nursing. NursePreneurs - A Career With 7-Figure Potential

The NursePreneur Mentor

Dr. Catie Harris



Non Clinical Careers For Nurses

Nurses are breaking out of the mold of traditional shift work and building 7-figure businesses

PHILADELPHIA, PA, USA, September 2, 2018 / -- Nursing can easily bring in a 7-figure income or more per year.




Not at all.

A select group of nurses known as NursePreneurs are taking the healthcare system by storm.

How could a nurse possibly make 7-figures or more? It’s not hard. And it’s certainly NOT by doing shift work.
There is a certain delusion that exists around shift work. If you could just get enough overtime, or just pay off that one credit card, or just get that 10% raise. Don’t kid yourself. Its literally impossible to break $200k in nursing doing shift work, even if you work 365 days a year.

And unfortunately $200,000 is not that much money in today’s world and certainly not enough to retire on (and remember you are working every day of your life, so there is no time for friends, family or free time).

Realistically how long can you sustain such a state of being before you burn out or get fired for “burnt out behaviors”.

But what if there was another option? What if there were another way to do nursing on your terms, on your time and in your own home?

This opportunity would have to be great, right? It would have to be easy to do, produce predictable results and generate income that is equivalent to shift work.

Well there is such an opportunity, but you will never find it in the hospital system or by getting advanced degrees.
The opportunity to earn 7 figures resides in each and every nurse. The one thing that nurses are not taught in school is this  after 10,000 hours you achieve mastery. Within 3-5 years, 99% of nurses have achieved mastery in nursing.

So what?

What can a nurse do with her mastery? Well I’ll tell you what Mallory Buxton did with hers. She started Solos Nurse Concierge Service ( Mallory was an ICU nurse who wanted more. She listened to a podcast who told her to follow her expertise. And that is exactly what she did. She saw that elective patients were being sent home by themselves and she created a concierge nurse business model around the need for nurses to be available.

Mallory recently went from 1 nurse to hiring 10 nurses in less than a year. She is on course for 1 million in sales. She is a key example of a 7-figure nurse.

Christie D’Arcy is an associates degree nurse who decided to quit her job and start an IV hydration clinic – Christie busted out quickly opening 4 lounges in 2 states in 6 months. She is on the fast track to 1 million in sales.

Jason Deng is a nurse who decided to establish contracts for PICC lines in hospital systems. At a $400 profit per line, doing 8 lines a day, well you can do the math. If he only works weekdays, he’s up to $750,000. Imagine if he hired a couple nurses?

The fact is, nurses have an incredible expertise that hasn’t even begun to be tapped into yet. I have students creating incredible visions from Lori Kerley, The DNP Coach to Kat Barber who is the voice of the unsung heroes of nursing who endure abuse and hardship in their jobs.

Every nurse has an expertise within him or her that is waiting to be unleased, systematized and monetized. The potential to earn $1000 is as attainable as earning $100,000 a month if nurses are willing to value their worth and their time.

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Catie Harris
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