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Sanjeev Bansal : Journey Of India's Dynamic Author

Winner of Global Author Of The Year 2018

HIMACHAL PRADESH, HIMACHAL PRADESH, INDIA, August 30, 2018 / -- Sanjeev Bansal, : Voyage Of India's Famous Author : Selected For 'Author Of The Year 2018 by Indian Awaz'

She roused him like the star does to a visionary and the moon does to the ocean. He chose to keep in touch with her into a story and make her inerasable. Laced in the strings of the world weaved out of his creative ability , Sanjeev penned down the mysteries of his sentimental specialty. Conceived in 1989,he has been hair-raising with the class of works of art in writing. His commitment towards nature significantly identity both as a part of his identity and verses written in her veneration. The virgin offspring of composing grew in him in the real corners of Shimla, where he lived amid his school days. He called this place the "mansion of dreams". This is where he supported the verses which he composed for his uneven love named Maya.

Sanjeev Bansal , graduated class of Jaypee College of Himachal Pradesh began to look all starry eyed at a delightful young lady on the principal day of his graduation. He couldn't accumulate enough fearlessness to go up and address her about the irreversible and powerful love that roosted at the forefront of his thoughts and heart for her. He began penning down his sentiments that he supported for her in his own diary. Now and again this uneven love had been the reason for his hopelessness and he experienced the immeasurable throb of solitary love . He commended her birthday in the very corners of his room and brought presents for her. He trusted that some time or another he would meet her and offer them to her. He met her - however simply following 7 years. To realize what occurred next we need to dive in to the profundities of novel "Less than ideal Dream :Maya".

The trouble of uneven love brought forth a creator. Sanjeev Bansal , who has been an enthusiastic essayist since youth longed for an unadulterated and serene world . We as a whole are remaining on the entryway of chances that helps us the truth to remember cheat stories such is reality. These stories play essential notes of wants, creative ability and accomplishment with chorale of one's ruin and disappointments. Its disappointment that shows us to rise again . Sanjeev failed in life like some other awesome persona. Rome was not worked in a day and significance can't be accomplished occur incidentally . Its when disappointments and incident came to pass for on him he learnt to yield to the circumstance and concentrate a win – win condition out of it as opposed to surrendering . Each time Sanjeev fizzled he skiped back with more prominent greatness . After each set back Sanjeev takes a shot at remaking his life . A pivotal piece of modifying his life was his interest towards the life of innovativeness which was embellished by a cornucopia of scholarly enjoyments. The writer discovers comfort in work and his holding with nature. In this manner he pens down each shade of life that comes in his direction . It is like Nirvana to him .

As an intense nature darling , its exceptionally troublesome for him to witness the obliteration of nature each conceivable way. He wants to make an effect through his work that would simply check or totally stop the serious annihilatuion of the compelling force of nature in each conceivable way.

At introduce Sanjeev is dealing with a few books. Couple of his works are for the compilation of ballads and he is additionally as of now taking a shot at a full length fiction novel . The verses have shifted classes some are couplets while others are little verses and furthermore some go under the classification - long epitaphs . The novel is spine chiller/puzzle themed. It's a tale about a man who battles with his psyche and heart to substantiate himself unadulterated against his female closest companion's affirmations.

Sanjeev Bansal is a visioner ,A Visioner who has fabricated a kingdom of his creative ability. An individual who has been refracting light of his feelings and uncovering every one of its tints and shades. He crosses through the roads of human feelings and in the meantime amalgamates it with the conundrums of earth. His life is one superb voyage through the ocean of sentimental vibes.

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