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Blockchain is becoming more popular day after day. More and more people getting Involved in this magic world of financial wellness.

LOS ANGELES, LA, USA, August 29, 2018 / -- Blockchain is becoming more popular day after day. More and more people getting Involved in this magic world of financial wellness. The Blockchain Technology Association (BCTA) is the institution that is going to be doing just that for the entire space - uphold and protect the rights, provide guidance, assistance, and grants.

In a simple words any cryptocurrency is database that’s validated by a wider community, rather than a central authority. It’s a collection of records that a crowd oversees and maintains, rather than relying on a single entity, like a bank or government, which most likely hosts data on a particular server.

The entire blockchain is retained on this large network of computers, meaning that no one person has control over its history. And thanks to the emergence of cloud-based services progress is getting easier all the time.It certifies everything that has happened in the chain prior, and it means that no one person can go back and change things. It makes the blockchain a public ledger that cannot be easily tampered with, giving it a built-in layer of protection that isn’t possible with a standard, centralized database of information.

A few dozen years ago government and central banks had monopoly in finance and monetary policy. Life had changed this. Bitcoin was the first decentralized digital currency, as the system works without a central bank or single administrator. it established an order, and, on the other, expand decentralization thereby demonstrating that order and anarchy go hand in hand, from which it proves that anarchy is order.

The infrastructure and market for bitcoin are already well developed and adopting the virtual currency will force a variety of functions, including IT, finance, accounting, sales, and marketing, to build blockchain capabilities. Now it is mostly used as a payment mechanism. Though generally not used for 100% of its potential yet, blockchain could be used to maintain a variety of information.

Anarchy does not mean absence of rules, it means absence of rulers.

BCTA is sure that blockchain could end up transforming a number of important industries, from health care to politics. It could change the very nature of economic, social, and political systems. We believe our members and , responsible for those daunting tasks will mobilize efforts to evolve. One of the major task of the technology challenges—especially security—are first sight blockchain might be appear as chaos and anarchy. We believe that Anarchy will lead to affirmation of the people; affirmation of the people to individual liberty; individual liberty to individual sovereignty, individual sovereignty to equality; equality to solidarity; and solidarity to social order. Our members are doing their best to bring order into a process making it run smoothly with good results. Combination of energy and resources here means the rising quality of technology should be extremely high.
BCTA is open to collaborate with enthusiasts and those with only the desire to exist freely and to be a part of a team, creating new mechanisms for reconciliation and progress on the blockchain. When you allow the natural order to occur you get a working system. Even though the modified protocols for on-chain voting are an improvement, the strategy is still wrong. We have to rewire and reboot the entire system. We must rethink the approach to crowdfunding, software developers' contributions, and change rules for prediction markets forever creating an entirely new form of collective online presence - Associated Governance. This is true in every model of life in the world.

All we can do is work to facilitate the change with greater expediency and minimize the atrocious suffering and destruction sparing as many as possible from the jaws of tyranny of governments and states.

Michel Nostredame
Blockchain Technology Association (BCTA)
+41 41 777 44 44
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