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Tatjana Petreski Discloses the Best Paying Occupations for Female Professionals

Female entrepreneur, Tatjana Petreski reveals the best paying jobs for businesswomen.

SARASOTA, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, August 22, 2018 / -- Women have made a positive progression in the workforce, especially throughout the last few decades. Throughout this time, women have proven that they can do everything a man can do. Females in the workplace add a new dynamic that is melding well throughout the corporate and business world. Of course, there are still those who believe women should not pursue certain occupations. However, now most occupations have changed their ways and welcomed females into the workplace.

Yet, there is still a matter of money. It is an unfortunate reality that women are not likely to get paid as much as a man. Even if they do the exact same job. Nevertheless, there are still some high-paying jobs out there for women. Tatjana Petreski is excited to examine these occupations and help her fellow female professionals find these high paying jobs.


For a woman, becoming a pharmacist can be rewarding in payment and from the knowledge that you are helping others. Pharmacists are a large part of the community because they deal with the public daily. People get to know their pharmacist since many people always use the same pharmacy for their medications. Plus, pharmacists are there to do more than simply count pills for medications. They are also trained to help offer consultation to patrons of the pharmacy. The average annual salary for a pharmacist is around $94,000.


For women who love to work with animals, this is a dream job. This is a field that is dominated by women, as over half the Veterinarians in the US are women. Animals are wonderful companions for people of all ages. Thus, it is important to keep those pets safe, healthy and happy. As a Veterinarian, women get to be the people responsible for making sure pets have the healthiest life possible. Plus, with the advancements in medicine, some Veterinarians do not even have to have an office. Instead, they can make an appointment and come to the patient. This lowers cost and helps to maintain a schedule that fits the busy lifestyle of a businesswoman. Not only do Veterinarians get to help animals, they are compensated well for their efforts. The average annual pay for a Veterinarian is around $82,000.


Statisticians or mathematicians work within different industries, the government, or the medical field to help solve numerical issues. For a woman who loves to work with logic and numbers, while making a difference this is an awesome job. This is also an interesting job, as the statistician is privy to raw data that is only exclusively available. This is a great occupational match for a curious mind. Plus, the average annual salary for Statisticians is around $80,000.

In summation, Tatjana Petreski understands women still have miles to go before they are fully financially equal to men. Yet, these high-paying jobs for women assure Tatjana Petreski that the tides are well on their way to changing. It might still take some time for the whole of the business world to realize the value in having women employees. However, for now, these occupations are keeping women striving to reach their professional goals.

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