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Tatjana Petreski Explains Some Weird And Wonderful American Eating Habits

In the US, just like in every other country, we think that the things we do are perfectly normal. Tatjana Petreski is an all-American woman who, like every other woman, enjoys food. However, she is also well traveled and quickly came to the understanding that the things he found to be completely normal in terms of the things that he eats were nothing short of weird for the rest to the world.

Naturally, this was always a fantastic conversation starter because no matter which country Petreski was in, there were always things she found that was weird about their food, customs and culture as well. Hence, she took it upon herself to identify the weirdest and most wonderful foods that Americans are famous for.

Examples of Weird and Wonderful Foods

1. Chicken Fried Steak

Chicken Fried Steak is a true American deli, particularly with lumpy gravy on it. What makes this a weird and wonderful dish according to Petreski, however, is that it contains no chicken at all, despite the suggestion thereof in the name of the dish.

2. Twinkies

Twinkies are a type of sponge cake that contains a cream filling. For a while, Petreski points out that they were banned even in America, possibly because of the fact that they are unhealthy. However, since then, they have not only been reintroduced, they have even become available in other countries!

3. Tator Tot Casserole

Tator tot casserole is pretty standard in the American diet but virtually unheard of in other countries. It is what we would call a standard casserole only you need to add beef, Worcestershire sauce and, obviously, tater tots. Petreski explains that one of the reasons that no other country seems to eat this particular dish is because many people feel their arteries clogging up just by looking at it.

4. Spray Cheese

Spray cheese is so far removed from actual cheese that Tatjana Petreski doesn't even like calling it cheese. It is a highly processed, chemical product that has some semblance to the cheese found on cheeseburgers. Because it is in a spray can, however, it can be added to just about anything and be made to look artistic as well!

5. Peanuts in Coke

Basically, this is exactly what the name suggests: a mixture of peanuts and Coca-Cola. In this country, people seem to believe that the mixture of sugar and salt goes very well together. Petreski notes that while this may sound weird, a lot of countries add things to their Coca-Cola, although they are usually sweet things, such as fruits or vanilla ice cream.

6. Poor Man's Gravy

In some parts of the country, they call this Red Eye Gravy instead. What you call it is not what is important, however. It is about trying to explain that it is perfectly okay to add soda to gravy. Whenever Tatjana Petreski tried to explain this to people, it was met with wide eyes and a lot of laughter, but it would inevitably get tried as well.

7. Southern Fried Rattlesnake

To be fair, one of the reasons why this is perhaps not eaten more widely is because of the distinct lack of rattlesnakes in countries other than the US. Petreski points out that this southern fried mixture is popular the world over and if they had rattlesnakes, they would probably try it

8. The Garbage Plate

Tatjana Petreski explains that while a garbage plate sounds like it’s inedible, making it is actually quite complex. It involves a plate of home or regular fries for the base. A layer of baked beans and/or macaroni salad is then added to it. You then add two of the following: eggs, grilled cheeses, fried ham, haddock, chicken tenders, Italian sausages, white or red hot dogs, hamburgers, and cheeseburgers. Last but not least, you add mustard, onions, and Nick's signature hot sauce. The latter is a ground meat sauce that is incredibly spicy.

9. Frito Pie

Tatjana Petreski explains that this is basically a mixture of chilis and Fritos. Perhaps it is an alternative to nachos and cheese. Many people truly do not understand why anyone would ever eat this, although Petreski has gotten quite a few people to try it because of the ready availability of both ingredients.

10. Fried Chicken Gizzard

The gizzard is the part of the stomach that is used by animals like chickens to break down and eventually digest their food. Philip points out that while some people may get turned off by that, some people regard this as a delicacy.

11. KFC's Double Down

According to Tatjana Petreski, the Double Down is KFC's latest unhealthy but ever so tasty snack. Another great KFC wonder is the Chizza, which is basically the chicken pizza. But the Double Down is basically two pieces of chicken with bacon and cheese in between. Tang says this is a type of pseudo sandwich.

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