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Emma Ferris wants to teach the world to breathe better. Her message is simple. Breathe better, live better!

Change your life with the Butterfly Effect Online Breathing Course

Chnage your life with the Butterfly Effect Online Breathing Course

Learn breathing techniques for a healthy, fulfilled life

Learn breathing techniques for a healthy, fulfilled life

Learn to breathe properly from breathing coach, Emma Ferris

Learn to breathe properly from breathing coach, Emma Ferris

We're not breathing properly and it's affecting our health. Emma Ferris of The Butterfly Effect Breathing Course, is on a mission to train us to breathe.

If you can harness the power of your breath, you can harness a life of vibrant health and happiness.”
— Emma Ferris
GELNORCHY, OTAGO, NEW ZEALAND, August 11, 2018 / -- Emma Ferris is on a mission to change our health. And we don't need any tools or pills to do so. We already have what we need. Our lungs.

Improving our breathing habits can slow down the nervous system, help with sleep, lower stress levels, and boost our energy levels.

So what is good breathing? Just watch how a baby breathes, says Ferris.

“Have you ever seen a baby just lie down and breathe in the most relaxed manner? Their belly rises up when they breathe in and it’s a quiet breath out. There’s not much effort it’s just very natural.”

The diaphragm is where deep natural breathing happens. Children naturally use diaphragmatic breathing. As adults, we tend to breathe shallower.

“Someone who is stressed breathes more into their neck and shoulders and the belly area is ignored”, Emma says.

And breathing fast and shallow changes our blood chemistry, she says.

“When you’re breathing in a stressed state, you’re going to start to breathe faster your heart rate goes up, blood pressure goes up and you going to breathe out too much carbon dioxide.”

We can slow down our nervous system by practising conscious breathing techniques.

A quick check to see how you breathe is to place a hand on your chest and another on your belly. When you inhale, which hand is moved more? For most people, the top hand moves further. This indicates shallow, upper lungs breathing. Emma wants to retrain our breathing to utilize the diaphragm for breathing.

Learn to use your diaphragm, Ferris says.

When we change our breathing we influence our autonomic system which controls the automatic functions of the body like digestion, respiration and circulation.

The Big Exhale Online Breathing Course

Is Emma's foundation breathing course. In just 30 days, learn the small shifts you can make to reduce stress, improve performance and rebalance the body’s blood chemistry and nervous system. Breathing coach and physiotherapist, Emma Ferris, teaches you the difference between ‘just breathing’ and powerful, beneficial breathing. Learn simple breathing techniques and exercises to tackle the complaints that many of us put up with on a daily basis; headaches, neck pain, anxiety, disturbed sleep and brain fog.

Emma Ferris
The Butterfly Effect
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The Butterfly Effect - The business started by Emma Ferris to teach the world to breathe

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