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How Results Driven Marketing, LLC a Web Design, Content Marketing and SEO Agency works to stay ahead of Google's Secret Core Algorithmic Changes

There was no single update. I suppose some might find it useful to give a name to the general flux period, but I think it’s important to understand there were different changes happening”
— Danny Sullivan, Google Search Liaison

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Results Driven Marketing, LLC, an award-winning full-service digital marketing agency located in Center City Philadelphia, PA that specializes in providing enhanced SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for small to medium-sized businesses located across the USA, has crafted a response plan to Google’s latest core algorithm updates.

RDM, a certified Google Partner, works closely with the tech giant in all aspects of digital marketing and uses the strength of its relationship to keep in line with Google’s best practices as well as its technological advances in the world of machine learning.

Google the major Internet search engine is used to find information about someone or something. As the dominant force in the search industry Google’s practices, procedures, and technologies are highly guarded secrets.
What Google does share is a detailed quality guide detailing information on how to effectively be found on Google using their Webmaster tools and best practices.

Google releases algorithmic changes almost daily, but rarely do they make a core algorithm change. So far in the last 12 months, Google has released three major changes, and one more is expected by years end.

RDM stays in tune with Google while performing research and testing of SEO theories. At Results Driven Marketing, the agency focuses on what they anticipate that Google will want next in terms of user experience (UX) and search engine optimization (SEO).

Their SEO leader is Dr. Digital™ whose job it is to anticipate test and theorize on what direction Google is heading. This is a massive undertaking, but the results can be rewarding.

In March of 2018, Google made a core algorithm change that shook the industry. Volatility was felt for many SEOs and webmaster across the world. Changes were felt as some sites lost traffic; affiliate marketing sites experienced some of the biggest difficulties after the change. Interestingly, RDM’s data analysis determined that across the board e-commerce websites showed little effect.

Dr. Digital’s analysis was that a hard-hitting change would start to affect even the most well-crafted sites within three months. By June of 2018, the RDM team saw unusual events were occurring that suggested that the next evolution of the core algorithm change was happening.

RDM and the Dr. Digital team evaluated all of their client’s websites and their network of websites for changes good or bad. No degradation was found but as time went

on it appeared that upward movement with client rankings, organic keywords, and track keywords was stagnating.
Using Googles documentation, advice and statements on the subject, Dr. Digital and his team reformulated the process of how they optimized content.

The methodology of the optimization is proprietary, but the changes were major. Some new software that was being evaluated was purchased and put into service.

Dr. Digital tracked and reported that the 2018 core algorithm update from Google changes had not helped the sites analyzed, but also did not negatively impact any traffic and rankings.

Still, for a team of SEO experts and analysts, the keyword stagnation was concerning.

The internal Fast Response Unit, under the direction of Dr. Digital, improvised and formatted a new optimization scheme that could drastically alter the results for their SEO work.

The next month was full of testing and monitoring using multiple third-party SEO tools and Google’s Webmaster tools.
New process guides were prepared, and the team was saturated with training. The new course of the SEO was implemented with various customers after their agreement.

After the implementation of the new RDM SEO Process, sites and the content on those sites were showing extremely fast movement in a positive direction with optimization.

August 3, 2018, was selected as the announcement of the new procedures that would affect each client.
In the end, each client now receives higher levels of SEO which will produce better optimization and engagement for their users which will allow each of them to obtain more clients and customers.

Just as this new plan was fully implemented, Google made their latest core algorithm change on August 1st, 2018. Core algorithm changes affect the core of the search engine results, which is the how and why of what you see on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). It will be weeks before the brain trusts in the industry figure out what the change means and how it affects those searching and those that perform SEO operation of websites from an SEO perspective. Don't worry about the changes if Dr. Digital is curing your digital ills.

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Results Driven Marketing, LLC is located at 2040 Market Street, Suite 518, Philadelphia, PA 19103 and can be reached by phone at 215-393-8700. Founded by Janeene High in 2013. Ms. High is a twelve year veteran of the industry and has been a leader in the Greater Philadelphia Area in retention of clients and forecasting new opportunities for her client using highly advanced digital marketing strategies for her firm's clientele. For a complimentary review of your website, SEO or marketing strategy book a 45-minute review session with Janeene.

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