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H2OpenDoors Announces Strides in Solving Global Water Crisis

Jon Kaufman presents Paul Harris with an award in Kenya

More than 18 volunteers arrived in Kenya to make a difference for the rural poor.

Water Purification Programs Installed in Remote Villages Save Lives; Provide Self-Sufficient Economies and Empower Women

"We are thrilled to be able to help so many people around the world with these systems. Bringing health and self-sufficiency are life changing for us all.”
— Jon Kaufman, founder
SAN FRANCISCO, CA, USA, August 1, 2018 / -- Jon Kaufman, founder of H2OpenDoors, a project of Rotary International with the mission to turn the world’s abundance of contaminated water into safe, clean and drinkable water, announced the 23rd SunSpring water purification plant has been installed into Kenya, bringing the number of people served with safe drinking water to 230,000.

More than 840,000 people die each year of a disease related to contaminated water. Almost 800 million people do not have access to clean water. This number is equal to the populations of the US, Canada, Mexico, Japan, Russia, Germany and Brazil, combined. Each day, 2,300 children under the age of five die from diarrhea - a
higher death rate than malaria, AIDS and Measles combined.

With an international team of water engineers and logistics experts, the field-tested equipment and technology create a guaranteed and sustainable solution to this global epidemic. H2OpenDoors empowers women to become leaders of their communities by creating economic programs for them to manage and provide access to health services. More than 200 million hours a day are spent by women each day collecting water. This lost productivity is more than the combined work hours for a full week for all the employees of McDonalds, UPS, IBM, Walmart, Target and Kroger.

Since 2012, H2OpenDoors has installed 23 SunSpring purification plants and systems into nine countries. The groundbreaking technology requires no drilling, maintenance or chemicals; providing water where it is needed most. As H2OpenDoors is a project of the 35,000-club strong Rotary organization, any water bottling plant and sales business installed is monitored, mentored and supported by Rotarians in more regions than the UN currently serves.

The SunSpring Ultrafiltration system is solar, wind powered and membrane-based requiring no electricity, fuel or chemicals. When employed as the core of a bottling plant, distribution of purified water made in reusable family sized water bottles. Contaminated water is introduced to a multi-stage filtration process under pressure, and finished in seven miles of membrane fibers that captures all bacteria, cysts or viruses. More than 5,000 gallons of microbiologically pure drinking water comes out the other end daily. The plants are fully automatic with only a 90-minute monthly maintenance requirement.

SunSprings also serve as economic stimulus for impoverished villages to access social and health services through a self-sustaining model of selling the fresh water. Each SunSpring installation give villages and schools the ability to start a water sales business as well as safe drinking water. The new social enterprises have the potential to earn over $100K annually while transforming rural communities into self-reliant earners, providing nutritional programs, classroom expansions, latrine improvements and even college scholarships. Businesses are often run by a women’s water council that assigns a local crew to train with H2OpenDoors on the care and maintenance of the systems, empowering these women at the same time.

Recently, H2OpenDoors partnered with eWaterPay out of the UK, integrating the water payment system to the solar-powered SunSpring to run a utility or retail mobile payment platform, collect the data transactions on the Cloud, and provide real-time system health communications with village technicians and the factory in Colorado. The idea to turn SunSpring systems into IoT centers, allowing for the disbursement of water through prepaid accounts on M-Pesa and other international platforms is currently under development, which would allow web-enabled meters to turn on and off the water flow. A user sets up an account, preloads their account with funds in their currency, and holds an issued NFC reader token or their cellphone to the eWaterPay meter. Transactional data is auto-loaded up to the Cloud, deducted from the account, with system health data communicated to the village technician and the factory. An estimated 90% of the rural poor own a smartphone and have access to mobile pay platforms. The village retains over 85% of the revenue in these pre-pay enterprise models.

In addition to the core service that H2OpenDoors provide to promote opportunity and breaking the cycle of generational poverty, the RACHEL educational system (Remote Access Community Hotspot for Education & Learning) is a one-terabyte server that creates its own Internet for up to 100 computers and devices. Loaded, in multiple languages, is all of Khan Academy curriculum, all of Wikipedia and the Great Books, and thousands of video tutorials. When installed in schools, it is a full solution for Grades 3-12. H2OpenDoors has installed systems in Guatemala and Kenya to date, and plans to include the solutions at all villages and schools served.

The second half of 2018 includes expeditions to Puerto Rico, Cuba and Mexico. In January, 20 Rotarians will install a water system in a village near Agra, India, and participate in a three-day Polio Immunization Mega Campaign with the Rotary Club of Agra Taj Mahal. As Polio is a waterborne disease, the combination of a permanent purified water solution that provides 10,000 people with a half-gallon of daily safe drinking water with a Polio NID is a perfect fit.

About H2OpenDoors
The mission of H2OpenDoors is to provide the best technologies for water and education to bring the highest impact possible at the lowest cost to serve the most beneficiaries. Since 2012, H2OpenDoors has established a solution to turn the abundance of contaminated water around the world into fresh, drinkable water. A project of Rotary clubs worldwide with a Donor Advised Fund at The Rotary Foundation, H2OpenDoors began in D5150 by Jon Kaufman, member of the Peninsula Sunrise Rotary Club in Redwood City, CA. H2OpenDoors received a Jefferson Award for excellence in Public Service. The operating mantra of the project is Water, Education, Peace. While these words represent one half of the Six Areas of Focus, literally all six are served when a water-based economy is introduced to these rural communities and schools.

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