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Sean Juhl Explains the Difference between Sparkling and Plain Water

SARASOTA, FL, UNITED STATES, July 30, 2018 / -- Sparkling water is hugely popular as of late, particularly because it comes in so many flavors and in such attractive packaging. Grocery stores all over the country now stock an array of flavored fizzy waters and this is generally a positive thing because it means that people drink more water and low-calorie drinks. However, Sean Juhl, a nutritional expert, explains that it is important that people understand the difference between plain water and fizzy water, and the difference between the various seltzers and sparkling waters as well.

Sean Juhl Explains why not all Water Is Created Equally

Sean Juhl first explains the difference between sparkling water and seltzer, which lies in the type of carbonation. Many drinks use artificial carbonation, which means they are club sodas or seltzers. The FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) regulates these drinks in the same way as regular sodas. However, bubbles can also occur naturally, at the source of the drink itself, which is sparkling water. These drinks are regulated in the same way as bottled water rather than sodas.

However, he also explains that, whether sparkling or seltzer, people must properly read the nutritional label. That is because many brands now add things other than water and carbonation. Often, they also included added sugars and flavors, as well as citric acid.

Sean Juhl also looks at sparkling mineral water. This is like regular mineral water in as such that it comes from a source that is underground and that contains a range of minerals (manganese, magnesium, sodium, and/or calcium) in its natural forms. How much minerals are present varies between brands but they should always be natural rather than added. Mineral water is particularly hydrating because it contains sodium, which helps to rebuild the electrolytes lost when we sweat. Hence, it is an important drink for athletes or those who live in a hot climate. These waters contain only low levels of sodium so they do not cause any harm. However, those on a low salt diet should avoid mineral water altogether.

As Sean Juhl explains, the big question is whether or not carbonated waters hydrates. Thankfully, they do, just as plain water does. There are numerous sparkling water options available with delicious flavors that do not contain any sugars, which are just as good. However, it is important to read the label and thereby avoid added sugars.

Lastly, there are some reports that sparkling water is bad for the teeth. This is due to the carbon dioxide, which must create carbonic acids when it dissolves. As a result, these waters have a lower acidity level than tap water. However, it isn’t corrosive in the way soda is, although some flavors can be somewhat more corrosive depending on their source. Meanwhile, Dan also explains that there are people who have sensitive stomachs and they find that sparkling water leads to discomfort. They should avoid drinking it. Everyone else, however, can simply pick whichever one they prefer the most themselves.

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