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Sean Juhl Discusses The Signs That You Need A Plumber

SARASOTA, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, July 20, 2018 / -- As an experienced plumber, Sean Juhl has seen countless households who have experienced plumbing issues without warning, leaving the residents bewildered about what could have happened. While it is possible for a major plumbing problem to creep up unexpectedly, there are usually minor signs that people had failed to notice but are indicative of impending problems. Thus, homeowners need to know these minor issues so that they can call in a plumber before it is too late.

Sean Juhl points out that by being aware of these signs, people can save a great deal of money in the long run. When people no longer wait until there is a major plumbing emergency where they have to deal with not just the repairs but also the cleanup of the damage as well, they can often correct issues in an affordable manner. In other words, minor issues will remain just that - minor. Here, Sean Juhl explains those minor signs to look out for.

1. Sputtering Faucets

Almost everybody thinks that a sputtering faucet isn't a problem and that it only means a little bit of air was trapped in the pipes. Sometimes, that is actually the case. However, if homeowners encounter sputtering faucets often, or if more than one of their faucets has this problem, then it may be indicative of a bigger problem. For instance, it could mean that there is a serious crack or even a break in the water pipe itself. If this is not attended to, then the pipe will eventually snap altogether, leading to more serious problems. The worst case scenario is that it happens in the main water line, which could lead to a very costly repair.

2. Noisy Drains

When flushing the toilet, if you notice that the drains in the tub or sink start to gurgle, then it is likely that there is a problem with your vent lines. This must be properly and professionally repaired or a potentially dangerous situation could occur. It could result in toxic gasses entering your home. Furthermore, should you notice that your toilet regularly backs up, it is likely that there is substantial damage to your pipes, possibly as a result of tree roots reaching them. It could also mean that your septic tank is full and requires urgent servicing and emptying. Both of these potential problems cannot be ignored.

3. Leaky Fixtures

In most properties where Sean Juhl has had to deal with plumbing emergencies, leaky fixtures were present. Yet, it seems that many people simply do not consider a leaky fixture, such as a faucet, to be a cause for concern. They think that it may simply because a washer may be a bit loose or that the faucet is simply getting old. In reality, there could be a very serious problem that will require a qualified, certified, professional plumber to resolve.

A leaky faucet can be indicative of a whole host of problems. If left unresolved, the needed repairs will likely become increasingly significant and therefore also increasingly expensive. Even if the leaky faucet is caused by something as simple as a loose washer, it means that you are wasting water, which is costly both in terms of your water bill and in terms of the environment. Having it corrected, therefore, will always save you money while also doing good for the environment through the conservation of water.

The above are just some of the things that could be indicative of a more serious plumbing problem in the home. Sean Juhl wants to stress that when seeing these signs, homeowners should enlist the help of a professional plumber. It is always possible that the problem is a minor one. But if there is a more serious problem, a professional plumber would be able to implement the necessary measures straightaway to prevent it from becoming a major issue.

Unfortunately, people are often reluctant to call out a plumber. There seems to be an inherent distrust of these professionals, who will charge people for the call out and then ask to be paid by the hour as well. Many people believe that plumbers purposefully work longer than they need to just to be able to charge for more hours. However, Sean Juhl wants to remind homeowners that plumbing is a delicate and intricate work that requires a great deal of understanding. When plumbers take their time, it is because rushing the job will only lead a shoddy job or the possibility of overlooking some vital issues. In addition, because they are professionals, they would be able to help you where a DIY job simply won't suffice.

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