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Estes XPR Combine Concaves, Worlds Best Performance Concaves Unveiled at Ag PhD Field Day

New aftermarket combine concaves bring never seen before performance with an unbeatable return-on-investment. You're welcome farmers.

BALTIC, SD, USA, July 31, 2018 / -- The most advanced combine concave technology from threshing to separating is featured in the new XPR Concave System just in time for harvest. This includes three new threshing concaves and new separation grate from Estes Performance Concaves that offer producers never before seen performance in all crops, from one set of concaves.

The XPR concaves might look like any other concaves but not all concaves are the same, the old saying the devil is in the details has never been more true. All you need is a sharp eye and you will quickly see the performance is actually in the details, every minute detail of this concave system has been engineered for superior threshing and separation in all crops. Unbeatable performance that threshes better, captures grain better and only leaves the competition in the dust. There is no other concave system that compares, it is 100% millimeter-by-millimeter different than any other combine concave on the market. Better bar, better spacing, better cover plates, better separation, all for superior performance.

Many have tried to accomplish what the XPR Concave System can do, but none come close in performance. Harvest and planting is precious to our customers and they can’t afford to waste their time struggling with other aftermarket concaves. XPR concaves work in all crops. Time equals money. Not having to change out concaves when going from one crop to the next or corn to hard threshing wheat has been impossible, until now.

The XPR perforated cover plates are the key to making this “unbelievable advantage” achievable. In comparison to other cover plates or bands the perforations allow grain to be threshed and captured sooner. Solid covers can cause one of three problems: less area for the smaller grains to escape onto the augers when threshed, over threshing resulting in grain damage or worse, forcing the crop to be thrown over the rotor further resulting in “rotor loss.” The XPR covers distribute grain evenly onto the augers and capture grain when it’s threshed so no more over-threshing or overloading augers.

Threshing is the cornerstone of harvesting, which is why we have “maximized” threshing with the new XPR System. Our notched bar has 137% more effective threshing surface area than round bar concaves. Maximized threshing means threshing grain sooner and completely without tailings, whitecaps and unthreshed heads. Once grain has been threshed it can be captured, this means less grain damage as grain exits the concave sooner. Superior threshing is great but you must get the grain out. That is why the XPR Concave System is significantly more open than OEM concaves. This all amounts to eliminating rotor loss, minimizing damage to crop and increased capacity. You are finally able to thresh hard red winter wheat one day and then cut into that high moisture, high yielding corn with ease the next.

Let’s talk rotor loss. Rotor loss is caused by an overloaded separation section. So how do you stop throwing all that grain over the rotor or spitting it out the back? Well, you simply STOP the overloaded separator. The XPR’s Xtreme Separation Grate is exactly what you need (in addition to unloading more grain in the concave section). The separation grate is comprised of 143 disrupter fingers that fluff and toss your crop as it should be, forcing the release of grain onto the sieve, preventing it from being thrown out the back of your combine.

If you're a farmer frustrated with your combine’s performance whether it’s rotor loss, damaged and cracked grain, slow ground speed, lack of capacity, dirty sample or changing concaves then Estes new XPR Concave System is the answer. Take back your bushels and save time this harvest, visit or call 1-765-650-4131.

About Estes Performance Concaves

Estes Performance Concaves is a world leader in providing the most advanced and cutting edge combine concaves and is committed to the success of farmers across the world. Good is the enemy of great and we refuse to be second and will not stop innovating, testing and building up success after success until every kernel harvested ends up in the farmers tank. There is no compromise and we accept only the best and to God be all the glory.

Kimber Mitchell
Estes Performance Concaves
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