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LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, July 30, 2018 / -- LOS ANGELES, California- After all the year’s crypto currency failings, a company has solved how to create a lasting wealth for its members.

The company is Global Coin Pro and their high technology website solves this wealth problem by creating micro-businesses that are scalable and have a crypto-currency base pre-negotiated far below the public price.

How it works: all membership packages include the Onyx Coin, the currency of choice for the African continent on the Kwakoo marketplace.

Currently Global Coin Professionals offers packages from $40USD to larger values. It is expected that the value offered will draw in users to purchase the first one billion Onyx Tokens at unheard of value not even offered to the public. The public pre-sale soft cap will end September 1st 2018, but the initial members with Global coin will already be strong network therefore time is critical for potential members and members of the press to reach out with questions.

Chief Marketing Officer, Mrs. Crystal Cho, said “I wanted to be able to bring something great to the world that helps people more. The championship of life offers you a new opportunity.” She continues, “Through the most careful of negotiations, we are offering a business with Onyx Coin… Once the Onyx goes public, the prices could skyrocket! Imagine if you bought Bit coin or Ethereum before it went public.”

The planning and marketing strategies are centered to provide up to a 95% revenue release to all our subcontracted CEO’s because Global Coin Professionals sees members as the key to the future. CEO, Terrance Norris, added more insight to the company’s plans as “We do not force or believe in repeat investment, annual fee and auto-ship on business members however we build real wealth for them.”

This is just the start! Once we secure the CEO's mission to get a gambling license, then you will be already ahead of the game with us as the gaming website starts up! The top leaders will be able to receive residual income from the website.

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Telephone: +1(213) 925-8070

About Global Coin Professionals
Founded in 2018 by industry MLM leader, Crystal Cho, Global Coin Professionals is a networking multi-level marketing platform based on the website . By empowering members to connect throughout the world with an easy-to-use website, the purchasing and networking possibilities are second to

Our vision and goal are to create a one-of-a-kind multi-level marketing platform company in the world for those who are sick and tired of promoting another's company! This is your lifetime opportunity arriving now! You need work for nobody but yourself!

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