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Zillios: Next Generation Real Estate Platform Powered by Blockchain


BARCELONA, BARCELONA, SPAIN, July 25, 2018 / -- Zillios, a new digital platform for international property buying and vacation rentals, aims to revolutionize the real estate market. The combination of a pioneering business model in the sector and the use of blockchain technology, turns Zillios into a unique proposition to all key players in real estate. Its innovative pay-per-click auction system and the use of smart contracts for international deal closing will shake up the real estate market.

Zillios is a global digital platform for international property buying and vacation rentals. Zillios' highly innovative infrastructure offers an unprecedented solution to the inefficiencies in the current real estate market. By using Zillios, key players in real estate will be able to early adopt to blockchain and to benefit from practical solutions that will make their life easier.

Currently both in property sales and vacation rentals, a limited number of leading portals dominate the market, lacking in transparency and leaving property owners and agents without control of the position of their listings in portal search results. Because of high property listing costs and commissions, a lot of properties are not listed in these portals and therefore invisible for potential buyers and renters. This applies even more for properties abroad, as most portals are mainly home market oriented, meaning international offer is fragmented over portals. Buying a house abroad can be a painfully long process. Unclear communication, non-transparent processes, dependencies on third parties and a lot of paperwork provoke considerable uncertainty. Add to that language barriers and unfamiliarity with local legislations and it is obvious that buying property internationally is a cumbersome process.

Zillios: the Smart Solution to Current Inefficiencies in the Real Estate Market
Zillios represents the definitive solution to property search and vacation rental. Thanks to its innovative business model and unique infrastructure based on blockchain technology, it manages to overcome the current market failures. Zillios provides homeowners, real estate agents, international buyers and vacation home tenants a highly efficient and transparent platform. A platform that allows all key players to take control of the home buying and rental processes. Undoubtedly, Zillios drastically transforms the way in which the current real estate market operates.

Disruptive Business Model
Zillios offers a revolutionary freemium model for homeowners, real estate agencies and real estate developers to encourage them to include their complete property listings offer. This way, potential buyers will find all available national and international properties on a single portal. Within Zillios the position of every property listing in regional search results can be managed with a pay-per-click bidding system, common in digitally advanced sectors like e-commerce. This innovative geo-based auction model is a unique feature in both property sale and vacation rental listings, giving users full control over their property listing position and marketing budget.

Blockchain Technology
Blockchain technology is turning out to be the most transformative technological innovation since the arrival of the Internet. Born as a method to register crypto currency transactions, nowadays it offers a technology which cannot be manipulated, helps to bridge trust gaps between parties and makes processes faster and more efficient.

Zillios uses one of the fundamental applications of blockchain technology: smart contracts. In this next generation digital platform, the purchase and rental of homes will be based on these smart contracts. This enables real time peer-to-peer transactions, without intermediaries, verifiable and transparent. The automation of processes is the cornerstone to eliminate unclear costs, high commissions, difficulties and inefficiencies in the real estate sector.

Blockchain technology in combination with easy process flows of the Zillios platform will directly help to make real estate processes more transparent and efficient. Zillios tackles the complete transaction process: from search, pre-purchase and transaction up to the after-purchase stage by the connection with third party service providers like insurance companies and banks. This makes Zillios a complete and comprehensive solution for all real estate key players providing a future-proof infrastructure.

No Commissions
One of the advantages of the innovative business model based on the bidding system is that Zillios provides the first rental platform without commissions to all key stakeholders. Undoubtedly, this is the next revolution in the sector of vacation rental portals after Airbnb created its model of very low commissions. A unique feature in Zillios will be the possibility to influence the positioning in search results for a specific available rental period for a holiday home. In addition to the innovative business model of Zillios, the automation and optimization of key processes, made possible thanks to the use of blockchain technology, represents another key to the elimination of commissions.

Development of Zillios
Starting with the concept in 2017, Zillios just presented its beta version at with over 1 million featured properties. At the moment, Zillios is in the process of raising funds to advance its development by the sale of tokens through an Initial Coin Offering (ICO). More information about this pioneering financing system and participation in the purchase of tokens is available at

Zillios is ready to shake up and transform the real estate market!

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