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Why Conscious Power is the Secret to Senior C-Level – and Company – Success

Thom Dennis;Serenity in Leadership;#MeToo#Conscious Power Facilitator Responsible power facilitator; Facilitator of power dynamics in the workplace;Healing #MeToo

Serenity in Leadership CEO Thom Dennis

Report on Dialogues ;Gender, Power & Sexual Energy Gender and Power at Work;Thom Dennis :CEO Serenity in Leadership

Thom Dennis;CEO;Serenity in Leadership;#MeToo;Conscious Power Facilitator; Responsible power facilitator; Facilitator of power dynamics in the workplace

Moving beyond #MeToo to a Healthy & Inclusive Workplace”

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, July 25, 2018 / -- C-level executives who turn a blind eye to inequality and harassment issues within their organisation can expect to see a costly increase in employee resignations, higher rates of illness and plunging profits, states a new whitepaper by corporate change consultancy Serenity in Leadership.

Based on extensive research, the report “Moving beyond #MeToo to a Healthy & Inclusive Workplace”, highlights the complexity surrounding gender bias, sexual harassment and inclusion in the workplace. It then goes on to explain why psychological safety and soft skills are key in such environments, and gives examples of how businesses and their leaders can navigate these contentious issues.

The whitepaper points out how bias in an organisation - whether conscious or unconscious - has led to public embarrassment for global brands, expensive litigation suits and diminished company loyalty amongst staff. And yet, many senior C-level executives, it seems, remain too focused on short-term and company-wide tasks and are at a loss, to know how to handle the crises that are most likely affecting their business.

Serenity in Leadership CEO Thom Dennis said: “Leaders who honestly don’t think this is a subject that applies to them, or who are too busy to reach beyond business as usual, or even are paralysed by confusion, are leaving their organisations vulnerable.”

The former Royal Marine turned cultural change coach and facilitator added: “Most issues of dysfunction come down to the way power is exercised, used and expressed. A management team that supports staff to lead and co-create from a place of conscious power will always bring about positive influence. That’s because when leaders engage with an approach of ‘inclusion’, not only do they create the conditions for equality but they - and the wider world - also reap the considerable benefits and rewards that harmony, engagement and growth bring.”

Serenity in Leadership is a corporate change consultancy which helps C-level executives identify inequality and unconscious bias within their organisation. It then provides them with the support to eradicate it in a variety of ways, such as through dialogue sessions, in-house workshops or transformational leadership retreats. These are based on the company’s Conscious Power programme, which educates and helps individuals and teams explore their own internal belief systems around gender, personal identity and power plays at work. The course material also acknowledges that especially men in positions of power often have nowhere to turn to, and can feel very isolated as leaders. Historically speaking, society has always taught men that ‘not knowing what to do’ in business is a sign of weakness. What if it was a sign of courage and awareness for those at the top to open up and seek advice?

Mr Dennis added: “There is no doubt that honest, open analysis of how power plays out in the workplace can build resilience, flexibility, healthier workplace relations and thereby help businesses continue to thrive in the future.”

Many of the consultancy’s claims are certainly borne out by statistics. The UK Health and Safety Executive (HSE), for instance, recorded 526,000 employees suffering from work-related stress, depression or anxiety between 2016 and 17, resulting in the loss of 12.5m working days.

Meanwhile, legal out of court settlements for sexual harassment cases in the US tend to range from $75,000-$125,000; doubling if the case reaches court.

Research has also highlighted an ‘unconscious gender bias’ against not just women, but feminine qualities in general. The whitepaper cites a Harvard and CMU study where males and females negotiating the same job offers - and using identical scripts - were perceived differently according to their gender, based on ‘acceptable behaviour’ for each sex. And it goes on to show how unconscious gender bias isn’t just within the realm of male managers.

Serenity in Leadership acknowledges the advances made by both Millennial females and males, as well as Generation X in shifting opinions on women, but says that is yet to be reflected in the workplace. They do, however, give a ‘shout out’ to companies which have committed to leadership change in terms of gender. These include Harvard Business School, Harvey Mudd, Lockheed Martin, insurance company Zurich and Google (via their Project Oxygen initiative).

Organisations interested in reading the whitepaper and finding out more about the Conscious Power programme are urged to download it from the website

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