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XOXO Tours Launches, Web App Targeting Travel Enthusiasts. Now, Travel Worldwide With Endless Choices of Travel Friends!

Xoxo Tours Launches a Social Networking Website for Solo Travelers. Now, all Solo Travelers can Travel Worldwide with Endless Choices of Travel Buddies!

LEWES, DELAWARE, USA, July 24, 2018 / -- Whether you’re going on a vacation or on a business trip to any side of the world, there are many best ways to beat the boredom of traveling alone. One of the best ways to do that is to find a travel companion. This Valentine’s if you are planning to go someplace new, you have a chance of doubling that adventure by finding a date/travel companion on XOXO Tours.

“The hottest app of the season is here!” says Kishore Beniwal, the Founder, and CEO of XOXO Tours.

XOXO Tours is a one-stop platform to connect with fabulous travelers all across the globe without even getting out of your couch, and meet & travel with them! With this dedicated app for ‘Travel Enthusiasts’, you get a chance to meet people all across the globe - including locals from the place you are about to visit. What could be a better way to roam around in a new country with a travel partner who could give you some raw insights.

The app is optimized keeping the needs of a traveler in mind and hence offers a dedicated social networking platform. As per the founder of XOXO Tours, Kishore Beniwal, “the app can be used in many ways. It can help a user to plan, organize and connect you to a travel buddy, someone who understands your wanderlust and craves for the same thrill as you do!” He defines the app concept merely in three words as:

“Travel + Networking + Dating = XOXO Tours”

An app like XOXO Tours makes your travel related decisions more independent and saves you from scenarios like “people backing out”, which is the sole reason for canceled trips!

How to Start?
Finding a travel companion is very easy with XOXO Tours. Just open the app, and sign-up with your Facebook account, and you’re on! Executing a travel date is just a few clicks away with XOXO Tours.

For female users, the app and all of its features are absolutely free but male users can use the app with limited features for free till he upgrades his account to a premium user to avail more features of the app. However, for up to 45 days, male users can enjoy all the premium features for free.

The app makes sure you get connected with the like-minded travelers or travel companions for your trip to share an amazing travel experience. XOXO Tours is the perfect place to socialize with others on the move, even connect and make friends before you reach your destination. The app’s potential is limitless in terms of traveling and solely depends upon a user’s creativity.

Things You Can do with XOXO Tours!
Imagine you have a connecting flight or worse, your flight just got delayed, and you are kind of stuck in an alienated place. You have no idea what the city/country is like. This is where XOXO Tours can come to your rescue. Simply open the app and find a travel companion from around and Voila! The next minute you’re with a local, go on a date or explore your surroundings. Great opportunity right? You never know what life has planned for you, never stop exploring. With a platform like XOXO Tours, adventure is just a mere clicks away. Seize the opportunity!

“Solo traveling has become a hot trend these days and XOXO Tours offers an opportunity to connect with a travel companion from anywhere in the world to make their tour more exciting and pleasurable.” says the founder and CEO, Kishore Beniwal.

About XOXO Tours
XOXO Tours is a new generation travel dating app launching in India that combines the thrills of travel and dating in a dedicated app. The app aims at providing a seamless experience to travelers to find a travel partner or a date while he/she travels in some foreign place. The app is free to use for females, while offers a very nominal subscription fee for male users. It is registered under company name ‘XOXO Tours LLC’ based in Delaware, USA with its Development Center in New Delhi, India.

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Xoxo Tours LLC
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