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As a digital marketing agency we get a unique window into the US economy. We are seeing lots of verticals gaining traction in 2018

TULSA, OKLAHOMA, UNITED STATES, July 13, 2018 / -- We have an interesting view of the economy as an online marketing agency. We are able to see things through a different lens concerning trends & growth. In 2018, we are seeing companies put more into their marketing/website budgets than in 2017. When a marketing agency is expanding, you know the market is positive.

Not only are we seeing an increase in mom & pop shops which seem to be increasing their web presence and local positioning , we are also seeing 1-3 owner businesses with gross between $300,000 & $6 million spending more as well.
The industries/businesses that are coming to us are broad, but to name a few: dentistry (which always have marketing dollars), liquor stores, wreckers, roofing companies, hair clubs, small non-profits, and more.

We are getting more and more clients across all industries, because, these small business owners sense a positive market. In some of the cases, they really do not have the cash flow or reserve to invest in an up-to-date Google web presence, but that very intuition that has them American small business owners is the same intuition telling them that the investment and pinch will be worth it in the end.

Each month, we find ourselves in new verticals that have incumbent businesses that are 20-30 years old. These industries have the typical top players that have a significant amount of the market share – their “share of mind” marketing is strong – they have all the billboards and radio spots you want. You would think they are good about bringing their web presence along with, but what we find is they are more skilled at spending money on massive amounts of low ROI advertisements than spending money on high ROI Search Engine Optimization.

We understand, there are bad SEO players out there and we all get 100 emails a day about how some person in another country has analyzed our website and it is under performing. It can feel over run by scammers – where your bigger – more trusted companies – are running the advertisement end of marketing.

Historically, advertising was the way it was done – phone books, radio, TV, local newspapers magazines, and anything else that sports your logo, jingle, or catch phrase. All of these things have a decaying ROI and everyone knows it. (Which doesn’t mean they are worthless – just deprecated by SEO).

Furthermore, these businesses with massive ad spend budgets, usually have a beautiful physical location; do not assume this translates to a beautiful optimization strategy & website for that is not the case and in many cases it is the exact opposite.

As these businesses continue to change hands & second generation owners take over – without the same zeal and skill set – their only hope, is to invest in an optimized website & SEO strategy.

Marketing continues to switch from push to pull – people are surfing more and more from their phones, watches, gizmos, as the IoT will continue to push the boundaries of everything with a battery. More and more, a few thousand dollars, a couple active social media profiles, and a backlink/content strategy can improve gross by 10+% - for some that means an additional $50,000, for others it means millions – and another group it means another decade of being a small business owner in America.

William Nozak
Nozak Consulting
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