#Me too - TV Show - Beyond My Crisis' Guest Taryn Abrahams's Unique Solution

TV Show -Beyond My Crisis Guest Taryn Abrhams

Taryn Abrahams Sexual Harassment Trainer

TV show - Beyond My Crisis' Guest Exert Taryn Abrahams shares the real secret to stopping sexual harassment in the workplace

…the conditions must also directly impact the victim’s ability to do their job.”
— Taryn Abrahams

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Have You Witnessed a Co-Worker Being Sexually Harassed?

​New York City, NY: The EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission) reported that of the 30% of new claims they received, women accounted for 74% of the victims of sexual harassment within the workplace.
In this critical new episode of Beyond My Crisis with Ron & Vivian their guest, Taryn Abrahams, a sexual harassment corporate trainer, specializing in bystander intervention training, has come to reveal the social impact of the #MeToo movement and ramifications to the corporate working environment. Ms. Abrahams is passionately bringing awareness and cost savings to corporate workplaces through the understanding that bystander intervention is the missing link. She describes how to bring positive change and reduce legal risk by empowering victims and onlookers to speak responsibly instead of ignoring unprofessional behavior. If observers remain silent it fosters an environment where the aggressor may escalate and propagate inappropriate behavior; and while the victim, living in fear, may have lower productivity and morale and ultimately, companies and families endure greater risk.
While sexual harassment is not always obvious, “it must be both severe and pervasive” as noted by Ms. Abrahams, when asked to define key components of sexual harassment and continues to say, “…the conditions must also directly impact the victim’s ability to do their job.” A clear sign that someone is a victim of workplace sexual harassment is that they no longer feel safe in their work environment and may result in an increase of sick days, due to emotional stress or fear of a physical interaction with their aggressor.
Watch this poignant episode of Beyond My Crisis with Ron & Vivian to learn about the missing piece to bringing true change to this modern crisis by educating viewers, shifting their daily awareness and knowing the correct action to take.

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Beyond My Crisis with Ron & Vivian - Guest Taryn Abraham - Stopping Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

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