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Financial Investment With The Multi Strategy Investment

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, July 4, 2018 / -- Investors find themselves pondering over the options available to them in search of a year on year financial return, and the decision isn't an easy one. It takes much deliberation.

Property has been many an investors choice over the years, but with the market in the UK on both residential and commercial units stagnating at best, alternatives have been sought for quite some time.

Bond Yields are extremely low right now, Equity markets are on the high side, and interest rates on savings are also close to historical lows- resulting in investors looking at Asset Classes they have tended to have very little exposure too previously.

Bitcoin and the Crypto craze are markets that tend to very occasionally pique the interest of an investor, but is this market just 'this year's trend' or something long lasting and sustainable? The jury is out on that particular question.

However, one Asset Class that seems to attract investors come rain, wind or shine- is the FX arena, the worlds largest market on a volume basis.

Also, many investors look for exposure to strategies and funds that not only can provide exposure to alternatives to Property, Bonds and Equities like FX, but who can structure portfolios with an 'absolute' composition which means to the average investor, a portfolio that aims to perform regardless of the market climate. In a world of uncertainty and unknowns, some would suggest- it's the most prudent investment methodology.

Sam Gurung of the 'Multi Strategy Investment' at Cadogan Asset Management provides further comment-

'Finding the right financial investment for an individual investor right now can be challenging. Our trading team work with many HNW's who have been scaling down their traditional holdings. Whilst property seemed to be the staple of many portfolios in years and decades gone by, it is most certainly dwindling slightly. Over the last couple of years we are definitely noticing a change in sentiment around this sector.

Our trading team would always recommend a diversified portfolio with exposure across multiple markets, sectors, and ideally with a solid worldwide reach, but if an investor is looking for more than Capital Preservation- it probably would be prudent to look at Asset Classes they have frequented very rarely previously.

Capital Growth is hard to obtain when you're working in traditional equities, bonds and property.

However, if you're an investor with an open mind- there are most certainly opportunities and options available to you.

As an example, at the 'Multi Strategy Investment' at Cadogan we offer exposure to investments like Equities, but rather than look at single stocks, we offer the actual Index. Our trading team offer Indices in both Short and Long varieties. Therefore, if an investor believes their stagnating single stock portfolio may start to depreciate in value, our trading team can mitigate this risk by offering a SELL bias to the market, and if the client is willing to take on further risk- our team can build a NET SELL position on their overall portfolio.

Our team as a standard build multi market, multi strategy portfolios. The composition of these portfolios tend to be very diversified, robust and they have the intention of performing regardless of the market climate.

Our Trading Team won't always be right, but they will offer exposure to markets that can and are moving, markets that you can profit on regardless of the market climate, and they can offer portfolios that are structured with an 'Absolute' market bias.

My view would be rather than wait for more traditional asset classes to start offering returns, start to consider markets that can potentially offer a return regardless of the market climate. At the end of the day, we're not talking about obscure markets, or markets that may be here today and gone tomorrow like the Crypto arena, we're talking about the largest market in the world being the FX arena, and other markets like equities and commodities that you are more than likely already exposed to in one capacity or another.

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