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Bloor Research Recognizes MENTIS’ Leadership in Data Security

Bottomline from Bloor Research: We have not seen another product suite that offers features as rich as the ones offered by MENTIS.

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, July 3, 2018 / -- According to Bloor Research, the product suite offered by MENTIS is unmatched in the data and application security market. There are other vendors that offer static data masking and discovery, though in the case of discovery their features are not typically as rich as those offered by MENTIS. Moreover, there are relatively few competitors that offer dynamic data masking. In addition, few if any competitors can match MENTIS’ choices for dynamic masking or can offer coexistent static and dynamic masking. Rarer still is any equivalent to iMonitor and iRetire. Where these other facilities are available from competitive suppliers they tend to be in multiple products that are not well integrated, whereas integration is a major strength for MENTIS.

MENTIS, the pioneer in data masking and enterprise data security products, today announced the publication of two research reports: The MENTIS Data and Application Security Platform and The Sensitive Data Lifecycle: IBM vs Informatica vs MENTIS, both published by Bloor Research. These independent reports are the outcome of an in-depth platform assessment and a competitive comparison completed by the Bloor team. Among their conclusions:

With regard to MENTIS’ market-leading sensitive data discovery capability, Bloor stated that iDiscover does not just find sensitive data but also discovers the users and programs that access that data. This information is reused both in MENTIS’ masking modules and in its monitoring (see below). Another notable feature (amongst others) is that iDiscover offers scanning options including full scans, sample scans, and incremental scans. MENTIS offers a number of differentiators, the main one being its support for the introspection of code, for which there is no equivalent functionality offered by either IBM or Informatica.

Bloor also highlighted MENTIS’ data masking. We like MENTIS’ “as it happens” (static data masking) option and the ability to combine static and dynamic masking is also a significant differentiator.

iMask provides dynamic data masking capability for the MENTIS suite and this was the first commercially available product to include dynamic data masking. Bloor continued: More generally, we believe that the location-aware and conditional masking options offered by MENTIS are superior to those of its competitors and we like the fact that there are flexible deployment options and not just the one-size-fits-all approach offered by IBM and Informatica.

iMonitor uses active monitoring, combined with its decision and alert engine, to integrate with iDiscover and proactively detect and alert sensitive data.

The MENTIS suite includes products that protect a wide range of sensitive data from the moment data enters the system until it is no longer useful. Bloor further noted, iRetire is a data retention product within the MENTIS suite that specializes in retiring your data: archiving it or otherwise removing it from your system at the end of its lifecycle.

One of the biggest advantages offered by MENTIS is the ability to handle a wide range of data – on-premises, in-cloud, structured, and unstructured – consistently and within the same platform.

MENTIS started from the outset to support the sensitive data lifecycle, and its products are components of a single whole. In practice, this will often mean that it is much easier and quicker to implement the MENTIS product suite.

In response to Bloor’s assessment, Rajesh Parthasarathy, Founder, and CEO of MENTIS commented, “Sensitive data discovery and its management is finally finding focus as the most critical aspect of information security. These reports are a great vindication of our single-minded focus on providing cutting-edge technology to secure sensitive data, something we’ve been committed to since the founding of MENTIS in 2004. MENTIS will continue to innovate and lead the market with technology solutions in data and application security that drive real value to customers.”

Suresh Sundaram, Executive Director at MENTIS, added, “These reports validate MENTIS’ unique position as the enterprise data security platform –whether for implementing controls in internal, external, or cross-border access or for enforcing compliance mandates from regulations such as GDPR or NY DFS Cybersecurity. With a shared metadata and flexible architecture, MENTIS also enables rapid deployment at scale across applications and databases.”

To read these reports in detail please download from the links below:
The MENTIS Data and Application Security Platform (In-Detail)
The Sensitive Data Lifecycle: IBM vs Informatica vs MENTIS (In-Comparison)

About Bloor
Bloor Research ( is a respected 19-year-old research and analyst firm based out of the UK. Bloor’s major research focus areas are Information Management, Security, Infrastructure, DevOps, and GRC. They have a research base of 1 million users and have reviewed over 5000 products and produced 2500 reports. What is different about Bloor as an analyst firm is that they don’t charge vendors for coverage nor do they charge users for content. This makes them independent and a very credible source.

Founded in 2004, MENTIS has been in the data security field for close to 14 years now. With a product suite offering security solutions for data security throughout the sensitive data lifecycle, MENTIS has established itself as a force to reckon with in this space.

MENTIS’ sensitive data security solutions proactively tackle sensitive data risk along the full information lifecycle. In addition to the company’s groundbreaking discovery solution for sensitive data, the platform also includes static and dynamic data masking, continuous monitoring, and retirement solutions for meeting security and compliance mandates.

Over the years, MENTIS has been recognized by reputed analysts like Gartner and Bloor for their innovative products and comprehensive data and application security solutions. A few of MENTIS' clients today include one of the top two Swiss banks, a multinational conglomerate based in the US, a leading airline service provider in Canada and many more.

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