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Nano Vivere Announces Issuance of Method-of-Use Patent Covering Self-Assembling Peptidomimetics

Nano Vivere

Patent describes use of self-assembling peptidomimetics to create barriers that prevent movement of bodily fluids and contaminants,as well as other applications

GUANGZHOU, GUANGDON, CHINA, June 29, 2018 / -- Nano Vivere (ISIN: CN0024013913), a late stage clinical company, pioneering nanomedicine whose technology is based on proprietary technologies and patents, today announced that it has developed a novel liquid, gel and solid hemostatic and wound care devices for products that contain self-assembling peptidomimetics. The patent is licensed exclusively to Nano Vivere. Nano Vivere is developing products that contain self-assembling materials, that may provide faster, safer and improved solutions for surgical, wound and interventional care. Nano Vivere anticipates that this patent will provide further value and opportunities for its pipeline.
The broad method-of-use claims cover techniques for preventing the loss or unwanted movement of body fluids through the application of products that contain peptidomimetics that self-assemble into barrier structures on tissue. Peptidomimetics, which are synthetic molecules made at least partially from amino acids that do not occur in nature, can mimic peptide structure and function, with potentially more desirable characteristics. Examples of procedures potentially supported by this intellectual property include the use of hemostatic agents to limit or stop bleeding, barrier structures that prevent contamination or infection, sealants to stop leaks, and applications in the wound care and tissue regeneration space.
Dr. Don T. Leung, co-founder and Chief Executive Officer, said, "We are committed to building and enhancing our portfolio of assets in order to add value to Nano Vivere and further protect our products in development and potential pipeline. This patent may offer insight into our future products opportunities."
He continued, "In the meantime, we continue to make progress with our plans to submit regulatory filings for all devices, and there has been no new incremental request for information since we completed our clinical trial. We continue to work with our partners to finalize the manufacturing and getting quality information necessary to support our regulatory filings and we are excited about our recently announced plans and opportunities regarding Asian pathway."
The patent is expected to further enhance intellectual property protection around potential future products in development. It complements Nano Vivere's current intellectual property estate, which includes patents focused on self-assembling peptides made of amino acids that occur in nature and a patent covering peptidomimetic compositions-of-matter.

About Nano Vivere (ISIN: CN0024013913)

Nano Vivere is a late stage clinical company, pioneering nanomedicine that is following its unique path: a new way to treat patients thanks to nanophysics delivered at the cell’s nucleus. The company’s technology is based on proprietary technologies and patents and it operates worldwide from the headquarters based in Guangzhou. Nano Vivere is led by a highly trained and distinguished team of experts who have demonstrated success in the combined fields medicine, biologics, neuroscience, and nanotechnology along with the specialized business development track record requisite for the launch of cutting-edge medical technologies.

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