Defective Loading Dock Leads to Injury and Six-Figure Settlement

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Attorney Marc Weinberg of Jenkintown's Saffren & Weinberg obtains justice for work injury victim.

Loading dock injuries are very common. In fact, loading dock-related injuries are the most common injuries in warehouses. ”
— Marc Weinberg, Partner

JENKINTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA, UNITED STATES, June 13, 2018 / -- Marc Weinberg is experienced in employment litigation cases. He also specializes in other practices such as personal injury, wrongful termination, homeowner claims, social security and disability law, and property damage.

Throughout the years, Weinberg and the rest of his team have been able to win millions of dollars for those who have sustained injuries while on the job. This case is no different.

Weinberg was able to obtain a settlement for a workers' compensation case that involved a mishap with a loading dock. His client, the plaintiff, was working as a catering supervisor for an event. The client and his team were informed to use the loading dock at the building to set up their event.

The Plaintiff's truck was backed up properly to the loading dock, and the adjustable platform was secured properly as well. The client made a successful trip on the loading dock without any issues. However, as he came back to step on the loading dock for the second time, the dock and ramp gave way and moved, causing the client to fall down and injure his leg. A security guard on the premises stated that the loading dock in question had been problematic in the past.

Loading dock injuries are very common. In fact, loading dock-related injuries are the most common injuries in warehouses. Although this did not happen in a warehouse, the presence of an underlying safety issue was there.

When the client fell, he reinjured his leg from an accident that happened years prior. Because of this, he was unable to receive a full recovery in his leg and return to work. Attorney Marc Weinberg was able to win the client over $350,000 in damages.

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