China’s Zhai Shanying Introduces "Ecological Nation Theory" As Humanity Shifts to a Life Online

NEW YORK, THE UNITED STATES, June 12, 2018 / -- In Beijing, Mr. Zhai Shanying, Chairman of Puhua Commercial Group, proposes the epoch-creating "Ecological Nation Theory", after a study of the world history of economics and technological development. It unveils a brand-new era of living for humanity. With more features and a base of trust, as a result of block chain technologies, a multitude of interconnected values and demand-driven "ecological nations" that humans will establish in the virtual world will gradually overturn existing ways of life by which human societies currently live, and finally lead to the formation of a brand-new economic operating system for online living, and offline survival.

An "ecological nation" is to be established in the virtual internet world. It may be separately founded by a legal person, a regular citizen, or an alliance, and operated in a liberal, democratic, equitable and transparent manner, completely according to the living laws of the internet world. It shall provide full-range spiritual services to a specific vertical group of people, i.e. the digital citizens of the "nation". A nation's period of existence will depend on the extent and duration of customized services for its digital citizens. Such a nation is a real utopia that human beings can successfully establish in the virtual world with science and technology that offers a brand-new and full-life opportunity to people for generations to come.

Why has Mr. Zhai Shanying proposed the "Ecological Nation Theory"?

Mr. Zhai was a permanent special guest of CCTV's Dialog and Dragon TV's Boss Town. He talked with David de Rothschild in Dialog and is his financial mentor in China. He also exchanged with Warren Buffet, the legendary stock genius, at a financial workshop in Beijing; he was also touted by Jim Rogers as the Chinese person most eligible for a Nobel Prize in Economics.
Mr. Zhai Shanying used to teach special financial courses at more than 10 famous Chinese universities consecutively, including Tsinghua University, Peking University and the Central University of Finance and Economics. During the past 20+ years he has aimed to create a theoretical financial system that matches Chinese characteristics, with special focus on basic theoretical theories and thoughts commensurate with the national conditions of China. He has achieved enormous successes in a multitude of practical operations with his financial theories, financial system and financial methods. His financial theories have been adequately proven in practice.

Humanity has entered the internet era and the rapid development of China's internet technology has attracted global attention. In China, people are paying close attention to others' responses to their updates in WeChat Moments, and the level of their role in online gaming every day. Chinese people are frequently heard to share their experiences in Player Unknown's Battlegrounds; the block chain-based Let's Go, and Encrypt Rabbit, have also become popular online pets of Chinese netizens. It demonstrates the increasing diversification of people's online lives and the longer times being spent online.

With a staggering sensitivity to it, Mr. Zhai drew the following conclusion after meticulous study: people's conventional living and development law will be completely broken and an internet life, another life that coexists alongside our real lives, will start to play an increasingly prevailing role in the further development of humanity. People have already started to lead a life online, and survive offline.

The "Ecological Nation" is a virtual nation where the spiritual demands of a certain group of people are satisfied
As Mr. Zhai analyzes, in the diversified internet world, different ecological nations can be created for people with different preferences. As such, various groups of people will be the sticky "digital citizens" of their respective ecological nations. Such an ecological nation on the Internet, with an enormous gathering of sticky "digital citizens", will be unprecedentedly attractive to all walks of life in the real world, including the commercial and financial sectors. It means that the underlying operating laws of society will fundamentally change following entry into an internet civilization.

As Mr. Zhai Shanying believes, the trend of time is once again on the birth of an "ecological nation" and it is the ideal time to found an online "ecological nation". A modern-day enterprise can acquire preemptive advantages, affect offline life in all aspects, and become a "creator" in the online "ecological nation" period if it can grasp this historic opportunity and create an advanced strategic plan.

To trial his "ecological nation" theory, Zhai's first product is the “Football Baby” project which aims to create a virtual life dedicated to football fans. Fans are expected to maximize their value in the virtual world. Reports say the product launch conference will be held on July 13in Beijing, China.

Why is the Ecological Nation theory comparable with Das Kapital?

Marx published Das Kapital in 1867. It provided a detailed description of the relationship between social resource production, exchange, distribution and consumption during the time of industrial civilization from the perspective of changing social productive forces, and thus lays the theoretical base of contemporary socialist political economy.

In the following 150 years, no economic theory appeared which was comparable with Das Kapital. Socialism, and even mankind's future political and economic development direction, were at a loss.

In 2018, when human society is transforming from industrial civilization into Internet civilization, the "ecological nation" theory proposed by Puhua Commercial Group once again defines the changing mode of productive forces in the future development of humanity from a brand-new perspective, and thus becomes an important basic theory of economics that may guide the survival and development of human society in the pending internet civilization as a substitute to Das Capital.

We are justified to believe that the ecological nation, to be founded according to the internet law of survival, can realize the ideal state or “Plato’s Utopia”, if it is designed reasonably.

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