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Robert Teweleit is a Member of the Knights of Columbus Who Assist the Needy Alongside his Catholic Brethren

Officer Robert Teweleit is also part of the Knights of Columbus in his local Catholic Church.

SARASOTA, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, June 11, 2018 / -- God speaks to people in many ways. It might not be in the form of the Ten Commandments or a biblical prophecy. Yet, God speaks to people every day, showing them the right path. For Robert Teweleit, the right path involved joining the Knights of Columbus.

Catholicism calls upon its followers to do God’s will. The Knights of Columbus are an order of the church that is called to protect priests and the Holy Word. Additionally, though, they are called to help their community and spread goodwill.

This was the part of the Knights of Columbus that resonated most with Officer Robert Teweleit. He heard the call, to help his fellow man and found the answer right in his parish.

The Knights of Columbus

The Knights of Columbus started on March 29, 1882, as a fraternal benefit society. What began as an initiative in one Catholic Church turned into an international society, with over 1.9 million members.

The Knights are proud to uphold the same principals and ideals that they had when they started. Despite changing times and growth, the Knights of Columbus are still a charitable brotherhood.

That is what draws Officer Robert Teweleit to the fraternal society, as it aligns with his ideals; spiritually and personally.

Helping the Needy

Robert Teweleit is always ready to help the needy. One of the most effective ways he does this is by helping people through the Knights of Columbus.

The Knights of Columbus works tirelessly to assist people throughout the world. Yet, they also help many people within their own communities.

God calls Catholics to love and help everyone in need. So, there is never anyone turned away. Whether the people in need are a different religion or denounce religion entirely, never disqualifies them from being helped.

A Brotherhood

Working on the force, there is a sense of brotherhood and kinship associated with the job. Trusting one another to the fullest is a prerequisite to being able to accurately fulfill your duties. However, there is also a sense of peace and homeliness that comes with such a connection.

Robert Teweleit feels this connection with his fellow Knights as well. Even though being a part of the Knights of Columbus isn’t life or death, they are still making a difference. While they might carry a crucifix instead of a badge, they are still upholding a revered symbol of protection.

The Knights of Columbus and the Houston Police Force have a common bond of honor that Robert Teweleit seeks out.

To close, Robert Teweleit feels extremely fulfilled by his role within the Knights of Columbus. He is satisfied with all he has accomplished through his volunteerism and is ecstatic to continue his altruism.

Officer Robert Teweleit enjoys being able to help people in his community and throughout the world. Whether he is on the job or performing his knightly duties, he is pleased to serve his fellow man.

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