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Robert Teweleit makes Donations and Volunteers for ASPCA

Robert Teweleit is an animal lover whose passion is caring for animals.

HOUSTON, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, June 4, 2018 / -- Robert Teweleit is a Houston Police Officer who has spent over a decade on the force. However, when he is not chasing down bad guys, he’s volunteering.

Tweleit spends his time volunteering for many different outfits throughout the police force.
However, one of his favorite ways to volunteer has to do with his love of animals. Robert Teweleit has donated his time and volunteered regularly for The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA).

Specifically, Tweleit spends his time and charity in the Houston ASPCA. Here are some of the main reasons why Officer Tweleit is so loyal to this organization.

A Century of Caring

Houston ASPCA has been up and running for almost one-hundred years. Throughout that time span, they were the first and now, the largest animal protection agency in the region.

This organization is not just the biggest in Texas, it’s the biggest in the Gulf Coast. Plus, the Houston ASPCA offers a range of services, to ensure no animal continues to be abused or exploited.

That is part of the reason that Robert Teweleit is so involved in what they do here. Not only does this organization have a track record of success, they offer vital services that animals desperately need.

The Houston ASPCA is truly dedicated to the animal and not just the common house pet. This ASPCA has a dedicated staff of volunteers who are ready and willing to help all different animals.


In true Texas fashion, while the Houston ASPCA does have the name of the national rescue, they are set apart from it. Other than the name, the Houston faction is not associated with any other organization.

This is another reason why Robert Teweleit likes donating and volunteering for this organization.

Tweleit said, “They are their own entity and because of that, they have the freedom to better serve the animals.”

The nonprofit organization relies entirely on donations and local volunteers. People who want to make a difference, like Officer Robert Teweleit show support for the cause every chance they can.

Plus, there is quantifiable proof that this organization is making a difference. The ASPCA investigated seven-thousand cases of animal abuse last year. The ASPCA helps fifty-thousand animals each year. The organization conducted life-saving spay and neuter surgeries last year that numbered seven-thousand. The Houston ASPCA never abandons an animal in need. Domesticated or part of the natural wildlife, this organization never turns a blind eye.

In summation, Officer Robert Teweleit is proud of the impact he has on the lives of these animals. He understands that they need our love and support, as much as our own pets do. After all, with a little luck, they will find a forever home.

Fortunately, people like Tweleit consistently do their part to ensure these animals have a bright, happy future.

If you would like to adopt an animal, donate, or volunteer, contact the Houston ASPCA today!

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