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About a girl, a dress and Bitcoin

a woman who wants to convert bitcoin to cash

a woman who wants to convert bitcoin to cash

Jenny got a gift from her boyfriend - a bitcoin. Now she want to get the fiat to get a dress. A decent guy would never give a girl Bitcoin for a birthday.

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, June 11, 2018 / -- Jenny was waiting for a bus when this cute guy in glasses asked for her phone number. When they went out for a date, she found out that he works in IT company, which killed her interest to him instantly. But the guy was not some geek who was talking only about computers—he turned out to be quite interesting, so soon they went out for a second date.

For her birthday he handed her a small piece of paper with QR code on it. She was waiting for the bunch of roses, of course, but tried very hard not to look disappointed. Charlie (and that was his name) told her that it’s the key to an online wallet with 0,05 of Bitcoin. “Cryptocurrency is the future”,—he said.

Future is great. The problem is Jenny wanted a new dress not in some distant future when cryptocurrency will replace cash, but now. Jenny asked in few boutiques whether they accept Bitcoin, and got the obvious answer from the shocked consultants. What should she have done? How to spend virtual coins? She desperately searched the internet and found the solution.

Bonpay Card, that converts cryptocurrency into fiat instantly. Jenny ordered this magic piece of plastic, and just three days after the delivery man knocked on her door. That same day she bought a fancy dress with her 0.05 Bitcoin.

They broke up with Charlie, by the way. A decent guy would never give a girl Bitcoin for a birthday.

How do Bonpay Cards work

Each Bonpay Card comes with a special bank account, connected to your Bonpay Wallet. When you want to pay with your cryptocurrency, you can transfer them to the Card account, which will instantly convert them to the fiat currency. We will support USD and EUR.

Later you can cash that money at any ATM or pay with it at any offline or online store.

How to get a card

1. Go to;
2. Sign up to create your Bonpay Wallet;
3. Pre-order the Bonpay Card;
4. Receive your Bonpay Card this summer.

To learn more about Bonpay, our Cards, and Wallet, go to

Bonpay Team
email us here

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