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VivaQuant Technology Shows Promise for Improving Drug Safety Assessment Accuracy

QT, JTp, TpTe intervals from Lead II vs VM Lead ECG in Beagle Dogs

VivaQuant multichannel ECG analysis may improve discrimination of channel block in drug safety studies

ST. PAUL, MN, USA, June 11, 2018 / -- VivaQuant MDSP™ technology was the subject of a recent manuscript published in The Journal of Pharmacological and Toxicological Methods (JPTM) titled “Comparison of one- and three-lead ECG to measure cardiac intervals and differentiate drug-induced multi-channel block”. In this paper, VivaQuant’s MDSP™ technology is leveraged to dramatically reduce noise and baseline wander in multiple ECG leads, and was shown to provide a significant improvement in accuracy of information derived from the ECG to discriminate single- and multi-channel block. Discriminating single- and multi-channel block to more accurately evaluate cardiac safety of drugs has recently been of interest to the US FDA as a way to bring more beneficial medications to patients in need. Drug development programs for medications that show promising therapeutic benefits are being scuttled as they are subjected to older safety assessment techniques with known weaknesses in their ability to accurately assess safety. “It is now recognized that many pharmaceutical sponsors abandon drugs with pre-clinical and clinical repolarization signals, though many such drugs are potentially safe and beneficial. Discriminating single- and multi-channel block has demonstrated positive results as a method to more accurately assess cardiac safety, and VivaQuant MDSP technology may further enhance the accuracy of this new method,” said Dr. Robert Hamlin.

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VivaQuant provides ECG analysis services to evaluate the safety and efficacy of drugs and devices. Its patented Multi-Domain Signal Processing (MDSP™) technology removes up to 95 percent of noise and artifact in ambulatory ECGs, resulting in improved measurement accuracy and less labor.

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