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NATURE 10−12 Can Naturally Kill Bacteria, Fungi, Virus, & Insects, i.e. (Pests)

The mechanism by which pests are killed by NATURE 10−12 is effective and simple, and science suggests the method is multifaceted attack 4 humans and vegetation

BRANDON, FLORIDA, US, May 31, 2018 / -- NATURE 10−12 Can Naturally Kill Bacteria, Fungi, Virus, & Insects, i.e. (Pests).

The mechanism by which pests are killed by NATURE 10−12 is effective and simple, and science suggests the method is a multifaceted attack for humans and vegetation. The questions and answers below summarize seeking to explain how NATURE 10−12 is highly effective.

How does NATURE 10−12 affect Pests?

Science suggests that NATURE 10−12 can be mechanical in primary sequential steps:
The first step is a direct interaction between the surface and the pests outer membrane, causing the membrane to rupture.

There can be a second step related to the holes in the outer membrane, through which the pests lose vital nutrients, water and components, causing a general weakening of the pests.

Lastly a few more ways electromechanical can affect pests

Electromechanical in NATURE 10−12 can affect pests by penetration and dissolve lipid cellular membranes.
This causes cells to leak and collapse,
By interfering with cellular metabolism during metamorphosis,
By dissolving the lubrication in the insect’s joints leading to paralysis.,
By stripping the pests protective shields (wax, biofilm, etc), rendering it defenseless against subsequent treatment
The extracts impact the exoskeleton structure of pests upon contact by disrupting the molecular structure of the chitin and other protein substances that protect the insect,
The extracts have the ability to penetrate complex hydrocarbon chains and disintegrate them,
The extracts emulsify pests thus stopping their reproduction cycle.

After punching holes, how does NATURE 10−12 further damage the cell?

Now that the cells main defense (its outer envelope) has been breached, there is an unopposed stream of NATURE 10−12 entering the cell. This puts several vital processes inside the cell in danger. NATURE 10−12 literally overwhelms the inside of the cell and obstructs cell metabolism (i.e., the biochemical reactions needed for life). These reactions are accomplished and catalyzed by enzymes. When NATURE 10−12 binds to these enzymes, their activity grinds to a halt. Pests can no longer "breathe", "eat", "digest", “reproduce” or “exist”.

How can NATURE 10−12 punch holes in a pests?

Every cell's outer membrane, including that of a single cell organism like a pests, is characterized by a stable electrical micro-current. This is often called "transmembrane potential", and is literally, a voltage difference between the inside and the outside of a cell. It is strongly suspected that when a pests comes in contact with a NATURE 10−12 surface, a short circuiting of the current in the cell membrane can occur. This weakens the membrane and creates holes.

How can NATURE 10−12 effect be so fast, and affect such a wide range of pests?

Experts explain the speed with which pests and other pests perish on NATURE 10−12 surfaces by the multi-targeted NATURE 10−12 effects. After membrane perforation, NATURE 10−12 can inhibit any given enzyme that "stands in its way," and stop the cell from transporting or digesting nutrients, from repairing its damaged membrane, from breathing or multiplying.

Harmless to Environment Air, Water, Soil, Humans, Birds and Animals

This new science has no side effects or harm on human, birds and animal health. These solutions do not harm mammal cells nor do they attack neurological systems of humans, birds and animals.

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